Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mind over Body

As I continue my adventures in learning to run, I have started to make some interesting discoveries. Others may have already come to these conclusions but isn't it about self discovery. And for me it's about self determination within that discovery.

When you have that moment when you doubt yourself and you have to push through. Those are the times that I'm talking about. These moments may be on the job or on the road or in the field, but we've had those moments.

Those moments become the moments that set who you are. Sometimes no one sees those moments other times everyone sees it. It's all how we approach it that becomes the end result.

Now this post seems to ramble a bit, so bare with me. This started during a 10k trail race where about half way through I tweaked something in the leg. Felt like a knee, but now looks it was an ITB that flared up on the trails. Well I was fine until about mile 5 and it really started hurting. So at that point I had two options, quit or go.

Well I can't quit, so I moved forward. I've also never talked to myself as much in a race as I did the last mile.

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