Monday, June 20, 2011

The Ongoing Adventures of Assessments

As many may know by now I have taken up the sport of running, well jogging on my way to running. I'm not going to argue the the definitions of walking over jogging over running. I'll let others waste their time with that. With that said, the tone of this site will change somewhat because of what I am finding out about myself. I still plan to lay my assessments on items of tech and sports, but will begin to venture in more directions. Also these are my thoughts and by no means am I an expert in many of the areas that I will speak, so like everything on the interwebs, Read It and then Validate It on your own.

So now I want to set some expectations for this site :

  • More posts, now that I have some stress removed from my life, my mind is freeing up to think about things again. (This will be a post)

  • I will expand into what I learn on my way to learning to run

  • Less sports. I know, I know. Lets say less football talk. (There will be a post here)

  • I will continue to avoid too many posts on religion or politics. These are just grounds for hate and those topics seem to invite the closed mind in thinking

  • I'll be turning off commenting on some posts (Future post on this)

  • I hope to start sharing more via images. (Need to think this one over a bit)

  • Redesign possible. Thinking this is needed as I change my thinking

So I hope I still have some readers out there, if not, I hope to win some back. But this site was created originally for me to share and for me to vent so I will continue to do that. 

Thanks again everyone and it feels good to get back to this. 

Mind over Body

As I continue my adventures in learning to run, I have started to make some interesting discoveries. Others may have already come to these conclusions but isn't it about self discovery.