Friday, November 12, 2010

Hoop Dawgs Win, Barely

One word sums up the entire game against Mississippi Valley State University. 




No way should the dawgs have been out rebounded by 10. This alone nearly cost us the game. 

One other area jumps out at me, at that was the man to man defense. At times the dawgs struggled to get back and then there was some confusion on who had who. Both the rebounding and defensive missteps are fixable. So I'm writing this one off as first game nerves. 

So Dawgs win 72-70. 

Shout out to Jeremy Price who down the stretch showed some great senior leadership and brought the dawgs back. He will be a great asset as the season continues. 

And like the football team, we missed our star in Trey. He was dressed and without a boot, so this is encouraging, but would rather him sit as long as needed. We need him at 100% come SEC play.

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