Saturday, September 4, 2010

Apple TV, Everyone is missing the Caps

On Wednesday, Apple released several new versions of iPods and an update iTunes, but what most are talking about is the updated Apple TV. So what do I think about this little device.

  • Yes this is a cute little device.

  • Yes I did order one for $99.

  • Yes it covers some aspects I'd TV viewing. 

  • It has an A4 processor. The same has the iPhone4. 

  • It will be a great streaming movie option.


  • It lacks the ability to replace TV viewing unless you want to rent every show for $.99. That's assuming the show is available.

  • It lacks a storage option, so streaming only. 

  • Until a hack is out, it's limited in the streaming options. 

  • It lacks a good remote. 

  • It doesn't run iOS. So no apps other than what Apple give you. 

  • No live streaming. This means no sports, concerts and the like Live.

But why buy it.

  • I see it running iOS within a year. I can't see Apple missing this boat.

  • This will become more than a "hobby" to Apple.

The gotchas

There goes your ISP cap. I have a 250GB cap with Comcast and I use around 160-180GB a month between work, netflix streaming, live podcasts and normal surfing. So unless the ISPs develop an app that allows you to watch your channels live and by using that app, it doesn't count against your cap, we could all be in for a world of hurt as we all would start to run over these caps. 

But I do see the Time Warners, Comcasts and the like having an app and even selling it or charging per month to use it. This is the way things are going. It will all be just about the data. The same way Cell Phones are going to be about the data and not the minutes. 

So once I get my little black box in, I'll let you know what I think after using it for a while.

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