Friday, September 17, 2010

AJ is but One Man and He Doesn't Play Defense

So the ruling came down. The NCAA upheld their ruling of having AJ Green sit for four games. Does this surprise me, no. But it does make me think that there may have been more to this than selling a jersey. Could it be that the NCAA is holding Georgia accountable because UGA is the reason for this rule. Remember the eBay SEC ring issues a few years back.

Now the good thing is, the NCAA didn't stick around to see what else there may have been.

For the Dawg Nation. It's time to move on. We may not like the NCAA, but a written rule, is a rule, good or bad. And in this case AJ knew the rules and he broke them. I'm not even going to get into the whole "UGA made how much from #8 Jersey sales." That is a post in and of itself.

Also for the Dawg Nation, AJ may be the best wideout in the country, but he doesn't play defense. But you say our offense didn't look so hot without him. Well I blame the coaches for that.

As for the defense, nothing about AJ not playing caused the dawgs to miss tackle after tackle. It wasn't because of bad field position, but rather the lack of fundamentals that I'm hoping is just a carry over from the former DC.

Now what do the dawgs look like over the next two games. Well I see a spilt. Mainly because StarkVegas is a bitch of a place to play and the Hawgs may actually be good. My heart wants us to win both, but the brain says otherwise.

So sit back and have a brew or 8 and get out there and call the Dawgs on Saturday.

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