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No Words for the Dawgs

Now that the Dawgs have started 0-3 in the SEC after falling to MSU in Starkville, 24-12, with our lone overall win against the ULL, I have no words to describe what is happening.

But here are just a few.

  • Penalties 
  • Big Plays against 
  • Red Zone Meltdowns 
  • Confusion 
  • Run Stopping Failures 
  • Off-Season stupidity 

 I don't want to write what I'm thinking, so I'll just say this.

I'm a Dawg, will always be a Dawg, and will always pull for the Dawgs.

But I have not felt like this since some of the Goff years. And now it's time to do some soul searching.


When Good Kids are Stupid


There are times when we were all young and stupid. We remember what it was like to think it was a good idea to egg a house or set your arm on fire with Golden Grain. Well today's kids are no different, even if they are stars Between the Hedges.

I read a study once that said that we are in our mid-20's before the true understanding of actions as it relates to the outcome. If I find that study I'll post it, so far no luck. This would explain a lot as far as why college kids are so stupid. I'm not saying it's an excuse, but knowing this, adults can build in some rules.

I know for me, I'm ready to ban all football players from touching a car unless they are driving home. Even then a mandatory check is made to see if they are even legal to be behind the wheel.

I know you can only teach to a point and sometimes the student has to fend for themselves. Sadly today, we had yet another player get into trouble because of driving. Now this only made news because if the name, but I'm sure this happens across campus more than once a year. Luckily, he wasn't drinking. This also means he should have known better.

Another observation is the UGAA knew about the suspended license. At that point, his ass should have been dragged to court. Period. Sometimes we as adults have to do the right thing for the kids. Hell be damned if that violates a damn NCAA rule. Now this doesn't address why he ran, unless he was worried about that warrant for the suspended license.

So what does the Athletic Department and University do know. Maybe they need a system wide check and turn in the kids that fail to pay fines and the like. I don't want a police state, but this has to be controlled.

If it were just happening once a year to a member if the team, you write that off as bad judgement. But this is not new. This is a frequent issue and Coach Richt needs to drop the hammer and drop it hard. If not, he will begin to have the rumors if not controlling his team rise up. Remember that was Donnan's failure. Granted Donnan's teams action were worse and we know what happened to win, even with a good record.

Now I'm not saying Donnan was run fir that alone, but it does bring up the question, could this happen to Mark Richt as well.



End of an Era on the Sidelines

Via ABH OnlineToday we got word that Loran Smith will no longer be on the sidelines during the Dawgs games this season. He will continue to be on the pre-game show and his replacement is Chuck Dowdle, formerly of WSB-TV. Some will continue to read this post and think it's a "Hater" post, please don't take it that way. I just tend to write what others have thought but are too scared to say for fear of the Bulldawg Nation.

Now, many will see this as a sad day, and it is, in Georgia sports, but I see this as a welcome change. Over the years Loran has been a great supporter of the dawgs and the local community. But time and illnesses over the years has taken it's toll. Ideally he would have stepped down when Munson called it a career. They were a pair and needed to step down together.

As for how Chuck will do, that's to be determined, and we should have seen this coming, but I don't think he would have been my choice. Although, I'm not sure whom I have would have chosen. Keep in mind a lot of the decision making is out of Georgia's hands these days, especially since they signed on with ISP broadcasting. I'm sure Georgia has some say in it, but it's all about the money these days.

Also, I know that over the last few years Loran has not been in the best shape. I can remember him getting hit by players coming out of bounds, him crossing the media line and pissing some of the coaches off during the Donnan years, and lately his rambles have gotten a lot worse. Many times I was left just saying, what the hell is he talking about.

Now, I do enjoy his pregame talks with former players and persons that are important to the University. I believe this is where he will now shine and I will continue to tune in for those segments. I also enjoy his columns in the various papers around the region. So fear not, he has not left totally, but sometimes there needs to be a change.

Loran is a Damn Good Dawg and has endured a few setbacks in his life including  a car crash in France. On a positive note he was instrumental in the Cancer Center as part of the ARMC complex that shares his name and the many, many stories, from baseball to golf to football and life that he shared with readers and listeners

So wish Loran the best going forward as he is a Damn Good Dawg.


Recap - Countdown to Kickoff 2010

Brandon Boykin and MeWell the Countdown to Kickoff has come and gone. This only means that we are that much closer to kickoff this fall. Players will soon be reporting to camp and the fans will begin to get their tailgate gear in order. 

If you have not made it out to the Countdown before, this is a great chance to meet some players without the huge lines. It also has some activities for the kids. Turns out, my kids and it appears Bernie's Kids liked the rides and the games. The Cheerleaders, the Redcoats and Hairy Dawg all stopped by. 

The Event was hosted by David Greene and the Stinchcomb brothers (Matt and Jon). I did get to see Jon's ring from the Super Bowl, I'll add a few more pics to the Flickr Page when I get them uploaded. 

Thanks to Bulldawg Illustrated for the hook-up. If you have not stopped by their site or picked up the magazine, do so. It's a good read.

So here are a few of the sites and sounds from Fan Day 2010. Enjoy. 







Dawgs vs Corndogs, quick post game thoughts

Dawgs 13 vs Corndogs 20

Some quick notes from the game. That's all I have to say on the subject. We blew it and blew big ass chunks.

  • Deep coverage still needs work. Dawgs playing too far off
  • Defense still looks confused. Coaching issue??
  • Cox still picks a target. Needs to scan the field a bit
  • Defense still can't defend option or screen passes, except maybe Reshad Jones
  • First Down play calling, well truely, no one was calling plays. All were questionable.
  • Ealey finally plays, kiss that redshirt goodbye
  • Coaches apparently got something worked out at halftime. Go figure
  • AJ is still the man

  • Defense decided to start sacking the QB.
  • CBS announcers seriously suck. Stick to the game you're covering. Besides when you do cover the game all you do is point out the obvious.
  • We may have found a running game in Ealey
  • Drew Butler is saving us over and over with these nasty punts. Leading nation in punting.
  • SEC refs are seriously sucking this year. What was up with some of those calls

I can't point to one thing that killed us other than to say everything, penalties, play calling, missed tackles, etc etc etc.

Off for a stiff drink, damn sure need it now.


Moving to Athens, A Dawg was Born

I got a tweet from Rex the other day that said I was too young to remember Mike Singletary playing between the hedges in 1978 (We lost 16-14), so that got me to thinking about when I did move to the the "Promise Land" of Athens, GA. Like some, I'm not a native. I wasn't born at Athens General, nor was I born with Red and Black flowing through my veins. Although I suspect it was just in remission, as I was adopted by a dad that had Georgia Bulldog gear and a Mom that was in Athens when the basketball team played in the Stegeman before there was a Stegeman. You know that building that used to sit next to the Tate Center, now the new Tate Center.

So I know that I was meant to be a Georgia Bulldogs, even though I didn't know it. So how did I get here and how did I become a fan.

In 1980, we moved to Athens from Milledgeville from Florida, yes I'm a native Floridian. I was born in Florida and lived there for a better part of 6 years. Luckily, I was not converted into a Seminole or a Gator. So now that we are in Athens, one of my first memories was of going to the grocery store and them playing the Larry Munson play by play on the intercom system. It was the wildest thing. My mom actually had to ask what was going on. Turns out it was a staple of Saturdays in the Fall. This was before we knew of Larry Munson, Vince Dooley or the Junkyard Dawgs. So don't hate on me yet, you can save that for later.

As my time in Athens went on, I began attending a few games with the cub scouts. Our job was to help the old people down the aisles, so not much game watching was going on. Also not having football blood in the family like some, I was not a diehard. Although I remember watching the Sugar Bowl as it was one of the few Georgia games that made it to TV. So in the early 80's it was all about radio.

One event during the glory years sticks out to me, even to this day, was a trip to the practice fields. You have to remember that all practices were closed as best I remember, so very few saw what was going on. Well my mom pulled the the "cool mom" card and take me to a practice. We made it in just fine, but then this big, bald headed man started running at us and yelling. Turns out it was Erk Russell and he was chasing off a mom with her kid. That's how serious things were back then.

By the time I got to high school, I was yet to become a bleeder for Georgia. I enjoyed Georgia, but that was about it. Also as the college years approached, I was adamant about NOT attending Georgia. I think it was Athens burnout or dumbass adolescence.

Well what changed? How did I become a Dawg? How did it become that I'm now a card carrying member of the Dawg nation (I have both season tickets to Football and basketball).

  • I ended up attending summer school right out of high school at Georgia and fell in love with everything.

  • Met a girl, well got a crush on a girl and a senior at that.

  • Had a large number of friends attending Georgia.

  • It was close to home and free laundry.

  • I had a scholarship.

So with those reasons I ended up at Georgia full-time in the fall. Well I was not a true dawg yet. It wasn't until I started attending every football and basketball game, then a few gymdawg meets as well. At that point I was converted.

I lived the games, I felt sick after a lose, I felt euphoria after wins.

So now I was a Dawg. Hell I even dated a lady dawg from the basketball team.

So today, where am I.

I'm a Dawg through and through. I'm raising my girls to be Dawgs. My home office looks like shrine to the dawgs. I have bricks at both the Redcoat Complex and at Sanford Stadium and too many pictures, trinkets, and clothes to even list here that contain some dawg reference.

I still feel sick after a lose and euphoria after a win, but now in moderation, as the little ones don't understand why daddy is cussing the TV or radio, so I have had to tone it down a bit.

I look back and often wonder what would have happened if I had attended a Florida school. Would I have loved them as much as the dawgs. I just can't see it. Our fans, with the exception of a few, are great. Visitors even write about their trips to Athens. The fans make the difference. And haven seen the other places, nothing beats Athens and the Dawgs.


Weekend Madness aka Gray Hair Growth

The weekend is barely half over and I have had enough excitement to last me all day Sunday without adding to it. But like I said, it's only half over. So, what is causing this madness. Well many thing, but I'll keep it brief since I have to get back to work. As Ren and Stimpy would say "Happy Happy, Joy Joy."




  • Another weekend slaving over server migrations. But at least I still have a job, unlike many I know.
  • Unlike my other work weekends, this one was a bit of an issue. Way too many issues getting it going, so here's to having it settle and finish strong.
  • Long hours after a week of long hours. This is seriously adding to the gray in the hair, what's left of it. 


  • Dawgs win again, normally this is a good thing, but wow can they get it any closer. I'm so ready for a blow out just so that my finger nails can grow back. 
  • Without the leg of Walsh (Game winning FG as time runs out) and the hands of A.J.(Blocked what would have been go ahead FG by ASU), we would have lost this game.
  • Tebow gets wiped out. Pray he is ok, but seriously, players get hurt all the time, some career ending, but the coverage at this point is over the top. I keep waiting for them to cancel all games until he can return. 
  • Here's to hoping the Falcons have an easy time of it, but wait, they have to go to Foxboro to face the Patriots. Well there goes another few gray hairs.



  • Father in Law suffered another infection in his knee and is now resting without a knee. They had to remove to and replace it with a rod until all signs of infection are gone.
  • Twin two has an ear infection, so needless to say, not a happy camper
  • Wife has broken bones in her foot, so she is boot bound. 
  • There goes another gray hair popping up.


 Well, time to get back to work, I was able to pop this out while some tasks took care of themselves. Everyone stay safe and dry. Hey, good news is, it's not suppose to rain for a while, like next Saturday.