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The Ongoing Adventures of Assessments

As many may know by now I have taken up the sport of running, well jogging on my way to running. I'm not going to argue the the definitions of walking over jogging over running. I'll let others waste their time with that. With that said, the tone of this site will change somewhat because of what I am finding out about myself. I still plan to lay my assessments on items of tech and sports, but will begin to venture in more directions. Also these are my thoughts and by no means am I an expert in many of the areas that I will speak, so like everything on the interwebs, Read It and then Validate It on your own.

So now I want to set some expectations for this site :

  • More posts, now that I have some stress removed from my life, my mind is freeing up to think about things again. (This will be a post)
  • I will expand into what I learn on my way to learning to run
  • Less sports. I know, I know. Lets say less football talk. (There will be a post here)
  • I will continue to avoid too many posts on religion or politics. These are just grounds for hate and those topics seem to invite the closed mind in thinking
  • I'll be turning off commenting on some posts (Future post on this)
  • I hope to start sharing more via images. (Need to think this one over a bit)
  • Redesign possible. Thinking this is needed as I change my thinking

So I hope I still have some readers out there, if not, I hope to win some back. But this site was created originally for me to share and for me to vent so I will continue to do that. 

Thanks again everyone and it feels good to get back to this. 


A Big Thanks


via flickr user vernhartIt has been one year since I started this blog. I have had more visitors and comments than I could have imagined. I started this just as a release from the daily grind. 

Over the course of the year and it has flowed from sports to politics to tech to just random crap. And guess what, nothing is going to change in the year to come. I plan to continue to post on those topics and many others. 

The one thing I have found is that finding the proper time to compose a great post is getting harder and harder to find. So thanks for sticking with me through this ride. 

I will continue to try and post on a regular basis. I will continue to post about topics that I think readers will like and those that I know only I will care about. Comments are always welcome on both. 

So what to expect over the next few weeks and months. We maybe in the slow time of the year with school being out, teacher out playing and the like, this happens to be a very busy time for me. So this is what I will be working on in the coming weeks.  

  • Users take of the iPad - Review
  • Users take on the new iPhone (if I get one)
  • Prep for the hoops season
  • Prep on the football season

So I look forward to seeing my readers swing by. In the meantime, you can find me on twitter for more just random crap. 

As a side, I hope to finally migrate the family blog, so look for updates here on when it goes live (again)



Polls about my site

I decided to take a little poll as to what people would like to see on the site. Granted it will still have that random feel as I have yet to decide on the major theme to the site. But I like they randomness of it. So let me have your thought.