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AJ is but One Man and He Doesn't Play Defense

So the ruling came down. The NCAA upheld their ruling of having AJ Green sit for four games. Does this surprise me, no. But it does make me think that there may have been more to this than selling a jersey. Could it be that the NCAA is holding Georgia accountable because UGA is the reason for this rule. Remember the eBay SEC ring issues a few years back.

Now the good thing is, the NCAA didn't stick around to see what else there may have been.

For the Dawg Nation. It's time to move on. We may not like the NCAA, but a written rule, is a rule, good or bad. And in this case AJ knew the rules and he broke them. I'm not even going to get into the whole "UGA made how much from #8 Jersey sales." That is a post in and of itself.

Also for the Dawg Nation, AJ may be the best wideout in the country, but he doesn't play defense. But you say our offense didn't look so hot without him. Well I blame the coaches for that.

As for the defense, nothing about AJ not playing caused the dawgs to miss tackle after tackle. It wasn't because of bad field position, but rather the lack of fundamentals that I'm hoping is just a carry over from the former DC.

Now what do the dawgs look like over the next two games. Well I see a spilt. Mainly because StarkVegas is a bitch of a place to play and the Hawgs may actually be good. My heart wants us to win both, but the brain says otherwise.

So sit back and have a brew or 8 and get out there and call the Dawgs on Saturday.


USC, Do The Right Thing

With the sanctions that have been handed down by the NCAA upon the USC football team, USC needs to do the right thing and expand on the release of players.

Under the current rules, players with two years or less of eligible playing time left can transfer with a release without having to sit out a year. So USC should grant any request of other players to leave as well. The NCAA, should also allow those kids to play without having to sit out a year.

With USC being hit with a two year ban of post-season play, the loss of ten scholarships a year for 3 years and the loss of wins, what kid that didn't already have ties or a love for USC would want to stay.

If USC did the right thing, I could even allow restrictions on where they could go. For example, I could see them restricting UCLA from the list of schools they could transfer to.

On a side note, this hits USC at a bad time. With the Pac-10 expanding and the possible championship game that would come along with this, you know USC was just hoping to win the first one and expand on their recent controlling of the Pac-10.

PS: wow I got post happy the last two days


NCAA Expansion Part 2

Well the splits have started. Colorado has left for the Pac-10 (Pac10+1). Nebraska is slated to go to the Big10+1 (now Big12??). So what happens to the Big 12 as it stands. They are down to 10 teams. Do some leave and go to the SEC, Pac or the other Big?

Word has it, the Pac10 is going after 6 teams and most of those from the Big 12. This would totally do away with an regional aspect to these conferences. I can see the Pac10, going after the Colorado schools and maybe Air Force. Toss in a Utah and maybe Boise St. Hell toss in Fresno St to get your 16. I just can't see the Texas schools wanting to travel to Washington and Oregon several times a year. I know that some of those schools just don't fit the level of academics and athletics, but the Pac-10 better have this as Plan B. 

So if the Big 12 drops only 2 schools, or rather is able to hold on to 10 schools, who do they go after. I think a good fit would be Arkansas and LSU. These fit the regional aspect of things. I know there is a lot of money in the SEC, but sometimes you have to make a change is the price is right. Or maybe they go after Iowa and Indiana. 

Now a biggie would be if the SEC says, Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, Oklahoma, OKie St, and Texas Tech, come on down. In doing so, we work Vandy and Kentucky into the ACC and Big 10+1+1. The SEC would have a new alignment in it's divisions. Take the Big 12 schools with LSU and Arkansas as the West and everyone else in the East. Now that's a power conference. 

As I sit here and write this, each move forces another move unless it involves a mid-major school. As we all know, there are only so many Big Schools and only so many can actually fit into a single conference without totally killing college football. 

I know in the end, that the Big 12 schools with go with that Pac-10, unless the SEC makes a better offer. I think this offer needs to be made, just to screw the Pac-10. And while we are at it, lets ban football at Notre Dame. If they would have just joined the Big10+1, this could have been put off for a while.

What are you're thoughts as we wind down this road. 


NCAA Expansion Madness

With all the talk about NCAA conferences expanding, I thought I better chime in with some reason. Everyone is talking about mega-conferences with 16 teams, but what some fail to see is that this could be a good thing. Now hear me out before you shoot me down on this. 

I see in the end, lets say 2020, that there will be 120 teams in 8 conferences. This breaks down to 15 teams per. So with a little help, what you end up with is 4 with 16 and 4 with 14. 

Do you see where I'm going with this. 

You have 8 teams that would play for the National Championship. With eight teams, you have the perfect mix of weekends to end right at New Years. You can seed the teams 1 - 8, based on win-loss, schedule, etc. 

Now you ask, what happens to those out of conference rivals, thinking you would be stuck in nothing but conference play. Well you can use the current system of 8 teams in conference and 4 out. This would also help calculate conference winning percentage. This is just another factor in setting the seeds. 

I understand that you won't play everyone in your conference, we don't do that now. But you can play everyone in your division within a conference, with games left for out of conference play. With the ones that have 14 teams, you would rotate the 8th team through the other division. 

See it's all pretty simple up to this point. 

Now how to do decide who is in what conference. First it should be based on location, then strength of the teams. Not really right to have a Georgia paired with 7 other FIU teams. Nor would it be fair to have a division with Texas, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Auburn, LSU, FIU and Troy. So we would have to spread that out a bit. I know teams come and go, but I think we could come up with something. I'm working on that now and if I come up with something good I'll post it. 

Now do the Presidents and TV go for this, why not. Lots of dollar signs all around this. You can still use the bowls for those not in the Championship Series. Tell me, who would not watch a line up of Texas, USC, Georgia, Alabama, Ohio State, Penn State, Missouri and Oregon. I think that would be some good TV. This would also eliminate the smaller schools saying they don't have a shot. Just win your games and you are in. 

This Friday might just be the first piece, but I think there are more pieces to be had and in the end, I'm betting my scenario plays out to being closer to the truth than some of what I have seen. 

The other thing to think about is the NCAA is more than football. It has basketball, hockey, tennis, golf and many more. There are also the schools that are Division I, but do not have football. They can be added in as true mid-majors. They would have their own conferences and unlike football, already have a playoff style system to work through. 

I know this is a very simple take on a more complex issue, but sometimes simple is better.


Who wins the Championships

As we continue to roll right into the heart of March Madness, I started thinking about who usually wins. I was really thinking about the various women's and men's champions over the years that have won multiple championships. From the men's side I think Duke, UNC, Kentucky and from the women's I think UConn, Tennessee and La Tech. 

Why do those schools come to mind when it comes to the championships, well part is TV coverage and the other is perception of the actual events. So I started looking back at some of the past winners (I started in 1982 so that the Men's and Women's numbers matched, by doing so, I eliminated the UCLA runs under Wooden). Well I was a bit surprised by what I found. From the men's side I thought the teams what had done well really didn't have as many titles as I had thought and women's contained much fewer teams than I had expected. 

So take a look for yourself, was this the list you expected to see. The one thing that I see is, in the women's game, it appears that a single player can make a mark. See Cheryl Miller from the USC wins in the early 80's or the run of players through Tennessee like Chamique Holdsclaw. And overall, I see the same teams, year in and year out for the women. You don't have the little guy making a run. Where's the Butler or St. Mary's or for that matter, a second SEC school. I remember when I was in school and the Lady Dawgs were in the Tourney, guess who they played, Stanford. So was I surprised we play them this year, no. Yes the Lady Dawgs go into the bracket and usually win a few games, but over the years, a few teams just seem to capture the spotlight. 

Is this good for the game, where you can pretty much lay money on Tennessee or UConn winning it all for the women. Somehow they need to figure out how to bring up the level of the other teams. I know there are girls that can hoop it up, but I guess they just don't do it in college or it doesn't appear that way. 

  Women's Champions Since 1982  
School Wins Championships
Tennessee 8 1987, 1989, 1991, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2007, 2008
Connecticut 6 1995, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2009
Louisiana Tech 2 1982, 1988
Southern California 2 1983, 1984
Stanford 2 1990, 1992
Old Dominion 1 1985
Texas 1 1986
Texas Tech 1 1993
North Carolina 1 1994
Purdue 1 1999
Notre Dame 1 2001
Baylor 1 2005
Maryland 1 2006



  Men's Champions Since 1982
School Titles Years
North Carolina 4 1982, 1993, 2005, 2009
Duke 3 1991, 1992, 2001
Kentucky 2 1996, 1998
Kansas 2 1988, 2008
Connecticut 2 1999, 2004
Florida 2 2006, 2007
Indiana 1 1987
UCLA 1 1995
Michigan State 1 2000
Louisville 1 1986
Georgetown 1 1984
Villanova 1 1985
Michigan 1 1989
UNLV 1 1990
Arkansas 1 1994
Arizona 1 1997
Maryland 1 2002
Syracuse 1 2003
North Carolina State 1 1983