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Color Spash

Harlan after a little Color Spash iPhone app treatment. This is what happens when one can't sleep, you play with photos and apps.


BrainZapp iPhone Game

I saw this story on and thought it was nice piece on a kid trying to get ahead. I have downloaded and will give it a try. Support local artists.

iTunes Link

Update: Not the best memory game out there, but I can't talk as I don't even know how to code iPhone apps. But it looks like a good game for kids.


Test post from iPhone

After having some posting issues with the sqsp iPhone app, we finally got it working. So this test post is proof it is working.

So now sqsp is back on the main screen.


iPhone services that Apple needs to add now - A Users Take

Now that the 3.0 iPhone software has been out for nearly two months, I'm surprised by the lack of push notifications. This was the one feature that many thought could really help the iPhone. But as it turns out, it's either harder to implement than most thought or to costly for the developer to maintain. So let's take a look at a few features that still need to be added to the iPhone software and SDK.

  • Background processes. This is the one Apple claims would kill battery life and ruin the user experience. For me, I see it differently. Nearly every day, I want to flick an app away to look something up in Safari, then flick the original app back into focus.

  • Still waiting on my MMS and tether. Although AT&T did say by end of summer. Damn you AT&T. Guess I'll be happier at 3.1

  • Flash. Now this isn't as big a deal as a year ago, because many sites are converting to formats that fit the iPhone. Atleast for their mobile sites.

  • Over the air sync. Seriously how hard can this be. I just want to sync my phone to iTunes without plugging it into my computer. Even if they limited it to local wifi or made it part of MobileMe, it still needs to happen

  • Gmail Push. I'm blaming Apple for this one. If they are already in bed with Google with maps why not mail. As it is, there are apps making it into the app store to monitor for new gMail.

  • More video editing options. I would like to see a merge of clips, basic title and transition options.

Yes this is a short list, but these are the things that I know I want to see sooner rather than later. I also understand the iPhone is a phone, but it is quickly becoming much more than that.

As far as the hardware goes, that's another post for another day.


Will Apple be the new DOJ whipping boy 

Over the years, many companies have come under the heavy hand of the governemnt, especially the Department of Justice. Most of the complaints stem from a form of monopoly or underhanded business practices. The last major tech company that comes to mind was Microsoft.

Over the course of several year the DOJ battled with Microsoft on areas of the browser, how it dealt with suppliers and it's interaction and deals with PC makers. Granted some of those deals were a bit heavy handed, but the real issue was Microsoft was making too much money.

So fast forward to today. Microsoft is basically treading water and staying the nice and steady course. And with the exception of the EU you really don't hear of any government issues. For Apple the story is a bit different.

Apple released the iPhone a little over two years ago and since that time the FCC and others have chimed in on the exclusive deal with AT&T, its application store policies, the big brother aspect of the iPhone and the information the company releases about their executives (Steve Jobs). So is it just a matter of time before the DOJ jumps and and forces Apple to change their business practices.

Granted some of the complaints and policies Apple has over the application store seem to be valid, but it is their application store thus their rules. Even if they do seem a bit over the top.

The same applies to the deal with AT&T as the only US wireless carrier to have the iPhone. I won't go into the details of why these two companies partnered together, but it only makes good sense from a manufacturing perspective. For reference, every cell phone I have had has been exclusive to one of the wireless providers. So nothing new here.

So what could be the reason, money. Apple has been above the curve in the recession. They have tons of cash on hand and they are still making money. And with the popularity of the iPhone it gives the DOJ a chance to look like the good guy while milking Apple for millions in fines. We have not seen this come about yet, but we have seen congress and others ramping up their investigations.

Is their an upside to these investigations, yes. There is also the downside of more government influence. In the end, I would like the app store to be a bit more open so that applications like Google Voice can be made available. As far as the deal with AT&T, it won't matter once LTE/4G roles out. Because this will allow Apple to make one handset for all the US providers.

In the end we won't see any major changes from Apple but we will see a lot of talking. And by the time settlements are reached the original complaints won't even be valid as tech slows down for no one.

Note: Sorry for the lack of links in this story as it was written on the go.


Weekly Roundup #3

This looked like a good week to have a weekly roundup. But like all good things, they don't always turn out like we planned.

So this week I saw word about the Carver football player and coach, more MJ news, I had something about ESPNU and ESPN360 coming to my area. There was also a lot of tech news like the Microsoft-Yahoo deal or the next iPhone update. See those would have been some great topics.

So hopefully in the next edition, I'll be able to cover many of these areas. And as football season comes around I'll be able to have a post report and future report. But like everything well have to see how it pans out. Only because the real job pays for the house, cars and this blog. If and when that changes, I'll be able to put more time into this site, which is pretty fun to maintain and write for.

So until we blog again, may your job not work you too hard.

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iPhone3GS, A Users Take

Since many of the features in the 3GS are both hardware and software, I'll just cover the hardware improvements, as many of the software features were covered in an earlier post.

So on to A Users Take :

Its been a couple of weeks now since the new iPhone3GS (July, 19th) was released and even less since I got mine, so I'm a bit late to the party. Initially, I was not even planning on getting this new phone, only because I was still in my 2 year contract with AT&T. But due to a large number of complaints about the upgrade price, AT&T caved and offered the "early adopters" the full discount price. Granted they imposed some limitations in this. You can check out the restrictions over at AT&T. Now my take on this is, AT&T did not have to do this, as it states in the contract, you signed up for 2 years. Now at 18 months, you can usually qualify for the upgrade discount. But the issues with AT&T can and maybe be a post in and of itself in the near future.

So let's go over some of the features in the new iPhone3GS:

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