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Social Graph Search

I was doing a little googling today and came across another beta from Google. This one was a bit hidden but seems to show where search is going. Before Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and the like, we went to a search page and took the results for what they were. Now that we have all these virtual contacts and outlets, we would use what our friends (Virtual and Real) would say over some random bot. 

So this new setting from Google is a move in that direction from what I can tell. You can see what it looks like below. This is from a google search of Georgia Bulldogs.Social Graph Search

I may have missed this in the past, so this may be old new, but let me know what you think about this.


Where's the Blog Update

Like many that write, I have that full time job and family. So finding that time to write enjoyable posts can be hard to find. And if you watch Google, any site that has updates that are few and far between drop in the search engines eyes. And if you are in it for the money, this is a bad thing. Luckily for me, I'm not in it to make money, although any ad revenue I may get will help towards funding this site. So what do you do?

One solution that I'm thinking about is making time right after work to start the outline and some of the body of several posts. Then over the course of a few days I would have knocked a few out that I can schedule to post at a later date. This is also nice if you are planning some time away.

Now this possible solution doesn't play out if you need or want to write on topics that are breaking, such as sports or politics or technology. These topics wait for no man or woman.

Along those lines of breaking topics, I have this great little tool that I can't talk about yet. But needless to say it will be a feature in the "Users Take" review series.

So now that I have written this post, I now know I need to go write about my dawgs. At least it was a win.

So until we blog again, keep your blog lemon fresh.

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iPhone services that Apple needs to add now - A Users Take

Now that the 3.0 iPhone software has been out for nearly two months, I'm surprised by the lack of push notifications. This was the one feature that many thought could really help the iPhone. But as it turns out, it's either harder to implement than most thought or to costly for the developer to maintain. So let's take a look at a few features that still need to be added to the iPhone software and SDK.

  • Background processes. This is the one Apple claims would kill battery life and ruin the user experience. For me, I see it differently. Nearly every day, I want to flick an app away to look something up in Safari, then flick the original app back into focus.

  • Still waiting on my MMS and tether. Although AT&T did say by end of summer. Damn you AT&T. Guess I'll be happier at 3.1

  • Flash. Now this isn't as big a deal as a year ago, because many sites are converting to formats that fit the iPhone. Atleast for their mobile sites.

  • Over the air sync. Seriously how hard can this be. I just want to sync my phone to iTunes without plugging it into my computer. Even if they limited it to local wifi or made it part of MobileMe, it still needs to happen

  • Gmail Push. I'm blaming Apple for this one. If they are already in bed with Google with maps why not mail. As it is, there are apps making it into the app store to monitor for new gMail.

  • More video editing options. I would like to see a merge of clips, basic title and transition options.

Yes this is a short list, but these are the things that I know I want to see sooner rather than later. I also understand the iPhone is a phone, but it is quickly becoming much more than that.

As far as the hardware goes, that's another post for another day.


Weekly Roundup #2

Well in this weeks addition, I'm going to stroll through the world of tech and sports, with a little Presidential snooping tossed in for a little humor. You'll also notice, I'm not going to cover the Steve McNair or 4th of July stories, but if you want to read them, just click on the links. 

Topics this week

Michael Jackson Again

Google tries to take over Again

Georgia Football, Hurt Again

The Prez take a Peek.

Click to read more ...


Have no fear, the next post is near

It's been a few days since my last post and it's given me some time to think about what I can write about. So I thought I would give some insider information on a few posts I'm working on.

First, Gaining Twitter followers using the so called "x number of followers a day" sites. This topic has been hot and heavy of late, so I thought I would chime in since a few of my Twitter friends have apparently been sucked in.

Second, a Google wrap up of the services that I use and how you can use them in your day to day activities. This post actually started as a presentation for some family members, so with a little more detail added, I hope it too can help you. This post will be part of the, "A Users Take" series.

Lastly, and this will be the next post out, is a new feature that I will try out called "Alan's Weekly Roundup." Here I will cover three or four topics that I found interesting during the week and give my take on those. My plan is to publish this on Friday evenings so that it will make a nice Saturday morning read. These topics may be on politics, sports or anything in between. But in the end, I hope it becomes an entertaining feature that all will look forward to.

So until the next post, may your days be sunny as well as your future.