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Just Don't Feel It Dawgs

We are coming down to the wire before football season kicks off and everyone is ramped up and predicting good things for the Dawgs. Well, I just don't feel it.


  1. Over Hyped from the fans - I keep reading about how good things are, how we should contend for the East. Well I see one or two injuries away from doom. Heck, we are not even starting the season fully loaded. Granted some of that is bone-headed issues, but others are injuries
  2. I just get the feeling of the other shoe that will drop and just crush the season. 
  3. Depending on too many young guys to carry the load. This is from the RB to the lines to the Defense. Just too many players with the FR or R-FR letters in their names.
  4. I'm hoping for 8-4. Loses to BSU, SC, Either TN or FL and then Kentucky. I know this isn't popular, but that's what I feel.
  5. I don't look at the numbers in the pre-season. I know some take a lot from it, for me I look for one word. INJURIES. If that is none, then good. So far this hasn't been the case. Most seem minor, up see number 3. When those 2 meet up, watch out. 


So am I down on the dawgs, no. But I don't believe that we are as good as many think.

SIDENOTE : Please don't go all ape shit over the new NIKE uniforms. It's not like they are changing the name or the school colors. 



Has Social Media Dampened My Excitement

This is the first football season that I can remember where I haven't been excited for it to start. I'm sure some years I've been more jacked up than others, but this year just seems different. It's like I don't care. So I started to think about why this could be.

Well after sitting on it for a few weeks, I came to the conclusion that I just got burned out on the excitement everyone on twitter and Facebook was showing. Now, nothing is wrong with this, but it seems since the end of the bowl game everyone has been counting down to the first game. Then over the last few months this has really ramped up. So bad that I have muted and unfollowed folks.

Nothing wrong with off season excitement, but it was becoming such a bore that it seemed many didn't live a life from January to September. I'm all for a cheer and a rah rah, but damn folks take a break. Now I do like reading the stories and thoughts about a season on many of the blogs I follow, those are not the rah rah rahs that I'm speaking of. It's the constant stream of fandom that sleeps and breathes on the actions of an 18 or 19 year old kid.

Another aspect that social media and the 24 hour news cycle has brought out is how many fans live in the past or the future. This is not 1980 folks. Get over it. Also take a break from the class of 2016. Just step back and enjoy what's in front of you.

I also feel that this over the top rah rah rah is being done to try to show others that they are the biggest fan. That they bleed the school colors the most. It's like a group of animals all showing each other up for the attention of some mythical sports overlord. Heck, they could make a show about it and have it on espn. Now this all could be for show in Social Media land and in real life they don't think about it, but I'm willing to bet that's not the case.

I have my school gear like everyone else, but I don't hunt out rival fans for debate or jump on every message board and scream at the top of my lungs how great my team is. Remember folks, there are other things out there to enjoy.

I've now reached a point that I have no idea of game times or who we play when. I'll leave it up to my espn app to tell me when games start. As I did several times last year. And truthfully, really didn't miss it.

This waning of excitement started last year and matches up with some changes in my life as well. So I think those changes opened my eyes to this rabid fandom and how much people live through it and how much it just didn't fit who I am.

Also since my life changes I've noticed a few other disturbing trends, but I'll save that for later.


When Good Kids are Stupid


There are times when we were all young and stupid. We remember what it was like to think it was a good idea to egg a house or set your arm on fire with Golden Grain. Well today's kids are no different, even if they are stars Between the Hedges.

I read a study once that said that we are in our mid-20's before the true understanding of actions as it relates to the outcome. If I find that study I'll post it, so far no luck. This would explain a lot as far as why college kids are so stupid. I'm not saying it's an excuse, but knowing this, adults can build in some rules.

I know for me, I'm ready to ban all football players from touching a car unless they are driving home. Even then a mandatory check is made to see if they are even legal to be behind the wheel.

I know you can only teach to a point and sometimes the student has to fend for themselves. Sadly today, we had yet another player get into trouble because of driving. Now this only made news because if the name, but I'm sure this happens across campus more than once a year. Luckily, he wasn't drinking. This also means he should have known better.

Another observation is the UGAA knew about the suspended license. At that point, his ass should have been dragged to court. Period. Sometimes we as adults have to do the right thing for the kids. Hell be damned if that violates a damn NCAA rule. Now this doesn't address why he ran, unless he was worried about that warrant for the suspended license.

So what does the Athletic Department and University do know. Maybe they need a system wide check and turn in the kids that fail to pay fines and the like. I don't want a police state, but this has to be controlled.

If it were just happening once a year to a member if the team, you write that off as bad judgement. But this is not new. This is a frequent issue and Coach Richt needs to drop the hammer and drop it hard. If not, he will begin to have the rumors if not controlling his team rise up. Remember that was Donnan's failure. Granted Donnan's teams action were worse and we know what happened to win, even with a good record.

Now I'm not saying Donnan was run fir that alone, but it does bring up the question, could this happen to Mark Richt as well.



A Big Thanks


via flickr user vernhartIt has been one year since I started this blog. I have had more visitors and comments than I could have imagined. I started this just as a release from the daily grind. 

Over the course of the year and it has flowed from sports to politics to tech to just random crap. And guess what, nothing is going to change in the year to come. I plan to continue to post on those topics and many others. 

The one thing I have found is that finding the proper time to compose a great post is getting harder and harder to find. So thanks for sticking with me through this ride. 

I will continue to try and post on a regular basis. I will continue to post about topics that I think readers will like and those that I know only I will care about. Comments are always welcome on both. 

So what to expect over the next few weeks and months. We maybe in the slow time of the year with school being out, teacher out playing and the like, this happens to be a very busy time for me. So this is what I will be working on in the coming weeks.  

  • Users take of the iPad - Review
  • Users take on the new iPhone (if I get one)
  • Prep for the hoops season
  • Prep on the football season

So I look forward to seeing my readers swing by. In the meantime, you can find me on twitter for more just random crap. 

As a side, I hope to finally migrate the family blog, so look for updates here on when it goes live (again)



NCAA Expansion Madness

With all the talk about NCAA conferences expanding, I thought I better chime in with some reason. Everyone is talking about mega-conferences with 16 teams, but what some fail to see is that this could be a good thing. Now hear me out before you shoot me down on this. 

I see in the end, lets say 2020, that there will be 120 teams in 8 conferences. This breaks down to 15 teams per. So with a little help, what you end up with is 4 with 16 and 4 with 14. 

Do you see where I'm going with this. 

You have 8 teams that would play for the National Championship. With eight teams, you have the perfect mix of weekends to end right at New Years. You can seed the teams 1 - 8, based on win-loss, schedule, etc. 

Now you ask, what happens to those out of conference rivals, thinking you would be stuck in nothing but conference play. Well you can use the current system of 8 teams in conference and 4 out. This would also help calculate conference winning percentage. This is just another factor in setting the seeds. 

I understand that you won't play everyone in your conference, we don't do that now. But you can play everyone in your division within a conference, with games left for out of conference play. With the ones that have 14 teams, you would rotate the 8th team through the other division. 

See it's all pretty simple up to this point. 

Now how to do decide who is in what conference. First it should be based on location, then strength of the teams. Not really right to have a Georgia paired with 7 other FIU teams. Nor would it be fair to have a division with Texas, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Auburn, LSU, FIU and Troy. So we would have to spread that out a bit. I know teams come and go, but I think we could come up with something. I'm working on that now and if I come up with something good I'll post it. 

Now do the Presidents and TV go for this, why not. Lots of dollar signs all around this. You can still use the bowls for those not in the Championship Series. Tell me, who would not watch a line up of Texas, USC, Georgia, Alabama, Ohio State, Penn State, Missouri and Oregon. I think that would be some good TV. This would also eliminate the smaller schools saying they don't have a shot. Just win your games and you are in. 

This Friday might just be the first piece, but I think there are more pieces to be had and in the end, I'm betting my scenario plays out to being closer to the truth than some of what I have seen. 

The other thing to think about is the NCAA is more than football. It has basketball, hockey, tennis, golf and many more. There are also the schools that are Division I, but do not have football. They can be added in as true mid-majors. They would have their own conferences and unlike football, already have a playoff style system to work through. 

I know this is a very simple take on a more complex issue, but sometimes simple is better.


Dawgs vs Corndogs, quick post game thoughts

Dawgs 13 vs Corndogs 20

Some quick notes from the game. That's all I have to say on the subject. We blew it and blew big ass chunks.

  • Deep coverage still needs work. Dawgs playing too far off
  • Defense still looks confused. Coaching issue??
  • Cox still picks a target. Needs to scan the field a bit
  • Defense still can't defend option or screen passes, except maybe Reshad Jones
  • First Down play calling, well truely, no one was calling plays. All were questionable.
  • Ealey finally plays, kiss that redshirt goodbye
  • Coaches apparently got something worked out at halftime. Go figure
  • AJ is still the man

  • Defense decided to start sacking the QB.
  • CBS announcers seriously suck. Stick to the game you're covering. Besides when you do cover the game all you do is point out the obvious.
  • We may have found a running game in Ealey
  • Drew Butler is saving us over and over with these nasty punts. Leading nation in punting.
  • SEC refs are seriously sucking this year. What was up with some of those calls

I can't point to one thing that killed us other than to say everything, penalties, play calling, missed tackles, etc etc etc.

Off for a stiff drink, damn sure need it now.


The day before a Georgia Win

We approach another Saturday with questions and concerns about our beloved Georgia Bulldogs. I seriously hope that we'll be able to start discussing how badly the beatdown will be and not a list of what if's. But we have not reached that point as of yet. So what needs to happen.


  • We need a gameplan that allows us to use our wide open tightend.

  • We have to get our highlight reel (AJ for the non-followers) clean passes so he can gain some YAC's. Granted if the ball is close he'll make our QB look like a Heisman finalist.

  • Give the rock to Samuel 20 to 22 times. Coach Bobo, let's not leave him on the bench for two quarters.

  • Quality carries by King and Thomas.

  • Joe has to manage the game. Including not losing the game.

  • Have to find a play or three for Logan. Have to keep everyone guessing.

  • Stick to a gameplan. So far through two games, we seem to forget what got us going.


  • Pressure, Pressure and more Pressure. Keep the tree contained to the point he is rushing his passes.

  • Keep the TE locked up. Contain. Otherwise he will have a career game between the line and LB's.

  • Don't allow the easy screen pass for 7yards.

  • Use control. This will hopefully help on the flag issues we continue to have.

  • Don't go prevent on a lead.

Special Teams

  • Kick it long. I'll take my chances on a return from 3 yards deep.

  • Coverage. We have to hold them to minimal returns on both punts and kickoffs.

  • Stay calm, as we don't need anymore snaps over the kicker's head.

The Coaches

  • Don't forget who's on the bench. So far this has become an issue. Play to win.

  • Don't get out coached by a guy that can barely make up his mind as to who he works for.

  • Don't let us relax when we get ahead. Go for the kill shot.

The Team

  • Gauge your play based on the refs. They may be flag happy.

  • Watch the bone head penalties.

  • Stretch and hydrate. Getting tired of the I.V. count during games.

Now it's up the the team and coaches to throw the pig in the BBQ and come Saturday, we'll see if we an answer a few more questions. Hopefully without creating more.

Go Dawgs and stay safe.