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Heart Attack Dawgs

Dawgs 78 Gators 76

I swear the Dawgs are trying to kill me. I have been to nearly all the home game and watched the rest on TV or online and every game with a few exceptions have been those that make you reach for the blood pressure meds and a bottle of bourbon. Saturday afternoon was no different.

After building a 15 point lead with 9:45 to play in the game (dawgs were up 15 at half) , the Gators in jean shorts made a run. They were never able to take a lead, but sure made it interesting. If not for Albert Jackson pulling an AJ Green with a block as time ran to :01, we may not have won.

You could tell the legs were failing the dawgs down the stretch, but they managed to gut it out. That is the one thing that this team does that the past few teams did not. They keep trying.

There are times where we play and we can beat anyone and in the same game we can play like a rec team. This I think will improve with better bench play and the ability to score and defend with the second team.

Also want to give a shout to DeMario Mayfield who got 5 points and 1 assist in 4 minutes (although later it looked like Coach had a few words for him after he didn't get to the scoring table in time) and to Eubka Anyaorah with 9 points. We need this going forward.

One interesting note to the Florida game and you can take it for what it's worth. In talking to some folks after the game, they seem to think that AD Jeremy Foley had his hand in setting the schedule for the rematch in Athens. Apparently he was a bit upset after last years loss to the Dawgs in Athens. His work was having the Gators play early in the week and a late week game for the Dawgs. True or not, it sure makes you wonder.

Next up, the Wildcats on Wednesday who are coming off a loss to the Vols. So I know they'll be pissed and prepared. Especially since the dawgs gave them a run in the SEC opener.

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Into the land of Gators and Jean Shorts.

Dawgs (9-8, 1-3) vs Gators (14-5, 3-2)

After the thrashing the Dawgs laid on the Vols this past weekend, they head into Gainesville to battle the Gators. This is the worst possible scenario for the Dawgs. The O’Connell Center will be loud and with the Dawgs coming off the big win, they may be in for a let down.

Now these are not the same Gators from years past. Teams are pushing the Gators, teams like South Carolina and South Alabama. Although the Gators are recovering from starting 0-2 in conference play. This is not to say the Gators are really down, they are just where they used to be. Now given that we pushed Kentucky in Lexington, I do think we could pull an upset in Gainesville. But, and this is a big but, we have to have a game like the Tennessee game.

Looking back at the Tennessee game, I still see some HUGE issues. The first and foremost being the bench. We are basically getting no scoring from the bench. Against the Vols, we managed to get 9 from Jeremy and 7 from Ebuka. This was a bonus. So far this season we are lucky to get 10 points from the bench. So far the bench only supplies some rest for the starters. And as the starters go, so goes the team.

We know that Trey and Travis have to have 15 plus points a game, That the other starters need to get around 20 points or so. We have to outrebound and we have to have less than 20 turnovers. I know easier said than done. It is nice to see Ricky getting near 10 points a game.

So on Wednesday the Dawgs need to get 68 points and play great defense. So here is the basic stat line we need to see:

Points 68
Rebounds 39
Rebound Margin 10
Assists 14
Turnovers 16
Free Throw % 77
FT Attempts 30


Give me those lines and I would feel good about our chances against then Gators.

@ Florida

Wednesday, January 27
7:00 p.m.


Due to coverage of the Presidents State of the Union, radio play will be switching from WSB to the River in the Atlanta Market. Luckily the Dawgs will be on CSS, so that coverage should be OK.

I’ll leaving you with some quotes from the

Billy Donovan on Georgia

We had a pretty emotional week as a team with a late game on Thursday at Arkansas and then having to turn around and play on South Carolina on Saturday. We have two days to prepare for what I consider to be a very good Georgia team. I’ve seen this situation before when there’s been a coaching change and there are some new players and then some returners who are adjusting to a new coach. Mark (Fox) has done a great job with this Georgia team. I definitely don’t think their record is indicative of how they’ve played since the SEC season started. They’ve had some good non-conference wins – they beat Georgia Tech and Illinois. They probably played Kentucky on the road as well as any team in our league, then obviously had a great win over Tennessee over this past weekend. They rebound the ball exceptionally well and they have tremendous size in their frontcourt with (Chris) Barnes, (Albert) Jackson, (Trey) Thompkins and (Jeremy) Price. (Travis) Leslie on the perimeter has evolved from his freshman to sophomore year. He’s a very athletic player, they have great perimeter shooting and (Dustin) Ware is great. They have very good pieces and they’re efficient on offense. This will be a great challenge for our team on Wednesday.


Urban steps down, I test netbook

With the Corch stepping down for health issues at Florida, this gives me a chance to test out the new netbook for the quick and dirty post. 

I do hope all is well with the Coach, but with both Tebow and Meyer leaving, I do see this as a chance for Georgia to move back to the top of the SEC east. This is assuming all falls into place.

Well since I. writing this and ignoring the family, I better get back to it or I may have to resign as well.




Time to rethink things

I'll be posting about the Georgia - Florida game after I cool down. If I wrote it now, I would be too negative. I do believe I saw sone good things, but not sure.

I know I do not like the black helmets. And I don't think that will change.

I will say this now, if things don't change and change soon, our record of 4-4 will get worse. With 4 games remaining. I see only one game that looks like a lock win.

So I will sit back, look at the stats from this game and see if I can find some good.

Out coached

Out played

Not sure how much lower we can go.

So until we meet again:

Tomorrow will come, the birds will migrate and TeBlow still sucks.


Should I Predict A Winner

It's that time of year where kids dress in goulish outfits while hunting candy. It's also that time of year where adults steal their kids candy.

It's also Gameday.

This is no ordinary game day. This is the Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

This game is not just the next game.

This is the game that will define seasons.

This is the game that will produce heroes.

This is the game that will bring grown men to tears.

This is the game you tell your kids about.

This is the Georgia-Florida game.

So where do we go from here. Personally and emotionally I don't want to predict this game. This game has caused many a heartbreak over the years for me. So a few questions need to be asked.

So questions about this game, this year are numerous.

Is this the year Georgia turns the table and starts a new streak of wins against the Gators?

Is this the year where Georgia beats another Heisman winner from the swamp?

Can Georgia stop the not so mighty Gator Offense?

Is this the year, where people can stop talking about the glory days as seen on YouTube and begin to create new ones?

I can answer these, but I know I would like these to be YES.

One sad thing about this game, there now kids that have never seen Georgia win two in a row angainst the Gators, much less dominating the series. This is something I want to see changed.

So now I have to make my prediction. But it's not easy. Haven seen both the Dawgs and Gators play this year, I wonder if it will be a 47-42 game or a 6-3 game.

For me I'll make a prediction, if only from the heart.

UGA 27 UF 24



The Georgia Season, The Mid-Point Report Card

Halfway into the season, one in which we had many questions. Well, we don't have many answers to date. I'm not going to cover stats, just my observations. SEC: 2-2 Overall: 3-3 To grade it out, I say a 'C+'. The plus is only because of a few great players and plays. I know many will say that it's the coaches, the players, or too touch a schedule. But look at it from the eyes of someone not at Georgia. Someone that is not a Georgia Fan. That is truly the only way we can judge or rank our team. If we let heart influence the mind, then we tend to miss the hairy mole on the end of the nose.

Let us look at what we do know about our team:


The Good

  • AJ Green is everything we knew he could be and then some. Glad we get him for at least one more year.
  • Drew Butler has been one of the bright spots. Leads the nation in punting with near 50 yard average. Just wish we could capitalize on that field position.
  • Blair Walsh seems to be one of the few consistent scoring methods. One more 50+ yard FG ties Rex Robinson and others for second place.
  • Promising young talent, From Brandon Boykin (2 100+ yard KO Returns), Orsen Charles, AJ Green, Bacarri Rambo (Great name BTW) and Washaun Ealey to name a few.

The Not so Good

  • Play calling on all three sides of the ball have been questionable to say the least.
  • We don't have an answer at RB. We have seen glimpses of a great runner, but nothing that gives us a go to guy.
  • At QB, we have had great games with 5 TD passes, then we have the game with nearly that in interceptions and turnovers. Joe Cox was to be the guy to guide the ship, but the ship is slowly sinking.
  • Coach Richt is adament about not kicking deep. He's afraid we can't cover it. Although many other teams don't have that issue.
  • Special Teams coverage has been like watching a train wreck. It all goes back to fundamentals. Tackle, tackle, tackle.
  • We have been reminded that we can't cover the screen pass or stop an option. This doesn't bode well for our up coming games.
  • We have a TE, or at least he is on the roster. Couldn't tell by the number of times he touches the ball. Is this play calling?

So where do we go from here. With six games left on our schedule, with a few that look real ugly. Such as Florida, Auburn and Georgia Tech to name a few. With our final six games, I laid out what I hope for (Don't think we'll go 6-0 no matter how hard I try to convince myself) and what I expect. So I came up with 8-4 and 6-6. Leave a comment on what the last 6 games look like for you, Do we go 3-3, 4-2, your call.

Date Team Location Hopeful Outcome Predicted Outcome
10/17/09 Vandy Nashville Win Win
10/24/09 Open - - -
10/31/09 Florida Jacksonville Loss Loss
11/07/09 Tennessee Tech Athens Win Win
11/14/09 Auburn Athens Win Loss
11/21/09 Kentucky Athens Win Win
11/28/09 Georgia Tech Atlanta Win loss
    Totals 5 Wins 3 Wins


I'm not an expert, but I know what I see. So what I would like to see. Ideally we gather ranks and go on a nice winning streak. Four or five wins out of six would make a lot of folks happy. Downside is that it may mask what is wrong, again. In the past years the same schemes and actions have been masked by highly talented upperclassman, that could overcome poor play calling and execution by others. It's season's like these that we find out who we are, not from a player perspective, but from a coaching perspective.

There have been lesser talented teams across the nation that have good coaches and they seem to win or at least show that they can become highly ranked in regards to defense or offense. For example:

  • DC Dick Bumpas at TCU - Ranked 17th
  • DC Joe Tresey at USF - Ranked 5th
  • DC Justin Wilcox at Boise St - Ranked 13th

So from this few I showed above, these teams don't play the greatest schedules, but they do play BSC teams and in looking at the teams listed, I find it hard to believe that they have more talent than Georgia.

I'm writing this, still a bit upset after back to back losses. One we should have won against LSU and one that we were run out of the building, yet we should have won only because I feel we have a better team with more talent. I actually started after the LSU game, hoping to a turnaround against the Vols. I have applied some edits, removed some harsh words and tried to play it down the middle, as hard as that is, I still thought I tended to play the down card.

Here's hoping that the next six games are an improvement, otherwise it will be a LONG few weeks and a LONGER offseason.

What's your grade for the season?


Random Thoughts #3

It's a Monday. Could this be the worst day of the week? Well, I guess any day that is not a weekend or Friday is pretty bad. So here are some thoughts going through my brain on a rainy Monday in Georgia.

  • I've heard of snow days, but not rain days. Several local schools are closed due to so much rain. BTW, this isn't even close to a record. We had 14-15 days straight with Alberto.
  • Do the voters in America now want to vote for a different kind of change. Apparently since Obama's approval rating is starting to look Wal*Mart slashed price aisle.
  • Can Georgia continue to outscore teams, now that we found an offense. Or have the other's defense been that bad.
  • How many meetings in one day or one week is too many? Today alone I have seven, five of which I'll actually be able to attend.
  • Why does "The Jay Leno Show" look like "The Tonight Show" from last year. Not a lot of originality there NBC.
  • Why do cats have the sudden desire to be in another room, thus breaking the sound barrier. Only to run back and fall asleep.
  • Why do dentists and doctors always try to talk to you when they have their fingers in places fingers are not supposed to be.
  • Does Tennessee have a good defense or did the Gators take it easy. I'm betting the Vols may have shown a weakness in the "Mighty" Gators.
So until next time, using a line from Star Wars, "Stay on Target, Stay on Target," all without getting shot at.

image via redbubble