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Just Don't Feel It Dawgs

We are coming down to the wire before football season kicks off and everyone is ramped up and predicting good things for the Dawgs. Well, I just don't feel it.


  1. Over Hyped from the fans - I keep reading about how good things are, how we should contend for the East. Well I see one or two injuries away from doom. Heck, we are not even starting the season fully loaded. Granted some of that is bone-headed issues, but others are injuries
  2. I just get the feeling of the other shoe that will drop and just crush the season. 
  3. Depending on too many young guys to carry the load. This is from the RB to the lines to the Defense. Just too many players with the FR or R-FR letters in their names.
  4. I'm hoping for 8-4. Loses to BSU, SC, Either TN or FL and then Kentucky. I know this isn't popular, but that's what I feel.
  5. I don't look at the numbers in the pre-season. I know some take a lot from it, for me I look for one word. INJURIES. If that is none, then good. So far this hasn't been the case. Most seem minor, up see number 3. When those 2 meet up, watch out. 


So am I down on the dawgs, no. But I don't believe that we are as good as many think.

SIDENOTE : Please don't go all ape shit over the new NIKE uniforms. It's not like they are changing the name or the school colors. 



Dawgs vs Jackets, Hang’em High

Date / Time Tuesday, January 5 at 7:00 p.m. ET
Location Stegeman Coliseum | Athens, Ga.
Television CSS and ESPN Full Court
Radio Georgia Bulldogs Radio Network (Atlanta: 750AM, Athens: 100.1 FM, 960 AM)
Internet Live audio on GXtra (subscription required)

  gagatech As we approach the end of the non-conference schedule, we end with our rivals from the trade school. The nasty nerds from Atlanta.

This year, like most we hope for the football-basketball sweep. The dawgs hope to continue the home court dominance that each team has shown over the last 14 years. The dawgs are the only one to win on the other court. I’m hoping that this trend continues tonight, as the dawgs need a strong win coming off a less than stellar performance against a good Missouri team. The game against Missouri was one that you write off and forget about. We were just out played from all angles.

So what do we know about the Jackets this year. The Jackets come in ranked 20th in the country with a 11-2 record with their two defeats coming against Dayton in PR and FSU in overtime.

  • Three players averaging double figures (Lawai, Favors and Udofia)
  • Getting over 42 rebounds a game
  • Just over 77 points a game
  • 15 assists and 16 turnovers a game
  • Deep bench, but I think this is only due to the level of the teams played so far. The only good teams they played to date, they lost.

So for the Dawgs to continue the home winning streak against the Jackets, we need to do the following

  • Continue to shoot free throws well (Dawgs led the Conf in FT percentage made the last three weeks).
  • Stay out of foul trouble]
  • Rebound, rebound, rebound. This was an issue against the Tigers in the last game
  • Travis and Trey both need to get hot. Would like at least 15 points each.
  • Watch the turnovers. Again this was bad against the Tigers.

So tune in or come on out. Also of note, as Coach Mark Fox said, the star on the Flag is for GEORGIA not Georgia Tech. GOOOOOO DAWGS



Dawgs vs the Waves

As the year comes to a close, the Dawgs hope to extend their winning streak against the Pepperdine Waves. Pepperdine always strikes me as that team you don’t want to play, but this year seems a bit different. The Waves are well on the backside of a winning season against lesser teams, so the Dawgs stand a good chance of making it 3 in a row. Granted the Waves are coming off a nice win over Utah, I still think they are not the a team that will give the Dawgs much trouble, but with the New Dawgs, that can be a bold statement. What to expect against the Waves :

  • Keion Bell, 6-3 Guard – Leads the team in Points (20.6), Second in Rebounds (5.4/game)
  • Three players averaging in double digit points.
  • They have a 7 footer and a 6-10 guy, but neither get much playing time. Although the 6-10 Corbin Moore does get about 15 minutes a game.
  • Hitting about a third of their three pointers making 6 a game (about what the Dawgs allow per game)
  • They have attempted 240 threes (Dawgs 118)
  • Shooting just over 70% from the line.
  • They are out rebounding their opponents by +4 with 38 per game. The Dawgs are getting 35 per.
  • Getting at 70 points per game (Dawgs 65)
Some things that I’m sure the coaches will be bringing to the fore front are:
  • Play two complete halves of Basketball. This was not the case against the Owls from Florida Atlantic.
  • Continue to work on free throws. This seems to be winning games for us of late.
  • Work off the Christmas meals after three days off
  • Strong defense. Guard the three.
Game Promotion - for “$5 Admission” for 1 (one) Reserved Seat Ticket
First Come, First Serve-Limited Seating. Game Time : Wednesday, December 30th •7:00 p.m. • Stegeman Coliseum So come out and support the Dawgs


Great Win for the Dawgs

Tonight the Dawgs got, what I consider to be the biggest win of the year. Downing a Big10+1 team in The Fighting Illini. This game proved that Georgia can win the big games. Now the Illini were not ranked, but for Georgia to rebound after two tough losses, shows we are moving in the right direction.

During the game a tweet came in from Connor Nolte. He's having to sit out the year due to being a transfer, so he had to buy his own ticket to the game. Well this was one of those times he played fan in the stands. And from the view on TV, it was loaded with Illini fans. Sad that Georgia didn't have a better turnout. But back to this tweet, he said the following:
"It shouldn't take @Coachmarkfox to get the fans into the game. UGA basketball fans could be helping our team so much more. We need you!"
This is so true, this is also why I attend most home games and have for years. But as I told Connor, Georgia fans are not used to winning and it will take a few wins to bring most around.

So a win like today is a step in making the fans believe. I know I do and did before tonight.

So for those in Athens for the holidays, come out and support on the 23rd. Dawgs will need to support.

Again, great win for the Dawgs

Will post my assessment after I review the stats.


Pre-Game Nerves, Dawgs vs Bayou Bengals

Over the years of watching Georgia Football, there are those games that are forgettable. The Dawgs have taken care of business before the game even starts and it's over just before you know it.

There are also those games that no matter what is said by players, coaches, bloggers and so on, you just have that pit in the bottom of your gut. You hope the team is ready. That the coaches have a solid game plan. That the stars line up just right for a Dawg victory.

Well we approach one of those games today. LSU is ranked #4 in the country with the Dawgs at #18. They are in our house. So we all hope for a great game with the dawgs coming out victorious in the end. I could go on about the stats like turnover margin, offensive ranks, defensive ranks, etc, etc. None of that matters at this point. It's down to execution. Can the players step up? Can the coaches keep up with the flow of the game?

I know I have a game plan in place, just hoping the Dawgs don't put a damper on those plans. So what I would like to see today

  • Score touchdowns. We can't win with only field goals.
  • Have to limit turnovers. This is especially true we cast a shadow over our own endzone.
  • The defense needs to bring back images of the famed Junkyard Dawgs.
  • We need to plow the field with over 100 yards on the ground. If we get 150, I feel a win.
  • AJ needs to be AJ.
  • We need a second option in the field, whether it is from our TE or WR.
  • The coaches need to make adjustments and not stray from what is working.
We'll see how it plays out and I remain hopeful. But that pit in the gut justed doesn't feel right.

Here's to the Dawgs. Prove my gut wrong.

Dawgs win 41-31

image via AJC. Let's up we can raise the winning finger again.


Moving to Athens, A Dawg was Born

I got a tweet from Rex the other day that said I was too young to remember Mike Singletary playing between the hedges in 1978 (We lost 16-14), so that got me to thinking about when I did move to the the "Promise Land" of Athens, GA. Like some, I'm not a native. I wasn't born at Athens General, nor was I born with Red and Black flowing through my veins. Although I suspect it was just in remission, as I was adopted by a dad that had Georgia Bulldog gear and a Mom that was in Athens when the basketball team played in the Stegeman before there was a Stegeman. You know that building that used to sit next to the Tate Center, now the new Tate Center.

So I know that I was meant to be a Georgia Bulldogs, even though I didn't know it. So how did I get here and how did I become a fan.

In 1980, we moved to Athens from Milledgeville from Florida, yes I'm a native Floridian. I was born in Florida and lived there for a better part of 6 years. Luckily, I was not converted into a Seminole or a Gator. So now that we are in Athens, one of my first memories was of going to the grocery store and them playing the Larry Munson play by play on the intercom system. It was the wildest thing. My mom actually had to ask what was going on. Turns out it was a staple of Saturdays in the Fall. This was before we knew of Larry Munson, Vince Dooley or the Junkyard Dawgs. So don't hate on me yet, you can save that for later.

As my time in Athens went on, I began attending a few games with the cub scouts. Our job was to help the old people down the aisles, so not much game watching was going on. Also not having football blood in the family like some, I was not a diehard. Although I remember watching the Sugar Bowl as it was one of the few Georgia games that made it to TV. So in the early 80's it was all about radio.

One event during the glory years sticks out to me, even to this day, was a trip to the practice fields. You have to remember that all practices were closed as best I remember, so very few saw what was going on. Well my mom pulled the the "cool mom" card and take me to a practice. We made it in just fine, but then this big, bald headed man started running at us and yelling. Turns out it was Erk Russell and he was chasing off a mom with her kid. That's how serious things were back then.

By the time I got to high school, I was yet to become a bleeder for Georgia. I enjoyed Georgia, but that was about it. Also as the college years approached, I was adamant about NOT attending Georgia. I think it was Athens burnout or dumbass adolescence.

Well what changed? How did I become a Dawg? How did it become that I'm now a card carrying member of the Dawg nation (I have both season tickets to Football and basketball).

  • I ended up attending summer school right out of high school at Georgia and fell in love with everything.

  • Met a girl, well got a crush on a girl and a senior at that.

  • Had a large number of friends attending Georgia.

  • It was close to home and free laundry.

  • I had a scholarship.

So with those reasons I ended up at Georgia full-time in the fall. Well I was not a true dawg yet. It wasn't until I started attending every football and basketball game, then a few gymdawg meets as well. At that point I was converted.

I lived the games, I felt sick after a lose, I felt euphoria after wins.

So now I was a Dawg. Hell I even dated a lady dawg from the basketball team.

So today, where am I.

I'm a Dawg through and through. I'm raising my girls to be Dawgs. My home office looks like shrine to the dawgs. I have bricks at both the Redcoat Complex and at Sanford Stadium and too many pictures, trinkets, and clothes to even list here that contain some dawg reference.

I still feel sick after a lose and euphoria after a win, but now in moderation, as the little ones don't understand why daddy is cussing the TV or radio, so I have had to tone it down a bit.

I look back and often wonder what would have happened if I had attended a Florida school. Would I have loved them as much as the dawgs. I just can't see it. Our fans, with the exception of a few, are great. Visitors even write about their trips to Athens. The fans make the difference. And haven seen the other places, nothing beats Athens and the Dawgs.


Life as a Redcoat - Back on Tuesday

With everyone focused on the game this Saturday and a long holiday weekend the "Life as a Redcoat" series will be back after the long weekend. So what do we have left in the series:

Life as a Redcoat - WLOCP (Tuesday)
Life as a Redcoat - Post Season (Wednesday)
Life as a Redcoat - After Hours (Thursday)
Life as a Redcoat - Everything Else (Friday)

To catch everyone up this is where we have been

Life as a Redcoat - Preface
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So until Tuesday, may our dawgs take the bite out of the Cowboys, GOOOOOOO DAWGS