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CSHS (Cedar Shoals HS) 1990 Reunion, Athens, GA

It's been almost a year since my class, the Class of 1989, had our 20 year reunion and now it's time for the Class of 1990 to have theirs. Since I was one of the planners for the 1989 class, I thought I would lend some post space to help them out. 

So below you will find the information on how to reach the CSHS (Cedar Shoals High School, Athens, GA) Class of 1990.

If you need assistance contacting them, please leave a comment and I will reach out to my contacts in the Class of 1990. 


How does social media and Networking help you?

Since the inception of social media and social networking as part of "Web 2.0", there have many that tell you how to get the most out of it.  So what I want to look at is how it has helped you. I'll start by showing how it has aided me from time to time. Before I go down that road, lets do a quick breakdown of Social Media and Social Networking, although the true debate on the differences can be left to those "true" professionals.

What is Social Media and Social Network, my take?

The distinction between Social Media and Social Networking does not contain a defined line in the sand that delineates the difference. As the Web 2.0 movement has progressed, the blur factor has increased to the point that many refer to Social Media as the new media (old school news turned to online presence) side of the house, while Social Networking still has that feel of a large online party.

Not to spend too much time on this aspect of the post, but here is my quick take on these two engines of the Web 2.0 world. Should it be Web 2.0 still, I think it's somewhere around version 2.7.

First lets take a look at Social Media. This could be looked at as the business side or journalistic side of the house. Think of all the blogs, podcasts, wikis and so forth that contain information that other turn to. This blog could be considered to be part of the social media circle.

For Social Networking, this of the Twitters, Facebooks, Friendfeeds of the world. This is where the online communities come together to share the information from social media including there our takes on life and the world.

Now to the fun stuff.

How does Social Media and Networking help you?

In your day to day lives, I'm sure many of you turn to these social hubs for information, entertainment or just plain ole time suck. So my question is, Has it helped you out in a specific instance. To help spur your thought process, let me show you some prime examples from my life.

From Social Media

When my wife was pregnant with our twins, I turned to the blogosphere to detail the experience up to birth and shortly there after. At which time, I decided to go for a true website with photos, stories and notes. This was a great release for me during this time. The post at that blog made on December, 26th was the defining moment, where it gave me the greatest release. It allowed be to tell the story in my words at my time.

Moving forward, this blog in and of itself has turned into my own personal journal detailing many aspects of my life and thoughts. And for those that write, you know that this can free the mind that later allows it to process the "real" issues in the world without having those other thoughts clouding things up.

From Social Networking

By now, many have discovered the world of Facebook and found all those people that you never really talked to in high school or college, yet you still friend them. Well that's a story for another day, so let me stop now before I tangent off in another direction. So how has this helped me.

To start, I was "volunteered" to help lead the planning of my 20 year class reunion. While people have done this for generations and had successful gatherings, planning in todays world is a bit more complex. People move, families retire to Florida and some just disappear so there was the challenge for a few of my fellow planners. How do we find everyone. Well right off the bat, we turned to Facebook. We created a group and a fan page, we did hours of searches and in the end found nearly 160 of our 279 classmates. Final count may have actually been higher, but some that we found would never register or sign up for anything, so they were a bit harder to count. Without Facebook, I do not believe we could have gotten the word out as well, seeing as we all had full-time jobs and lifes even before reunion planning.

This reunion even had some aspects of the "social media" role as well. We developed a website using the service. This got us into the Google Index and quite a few found us that way.

So this was just one example where the "social" services helped me out.

So here is your turn, please leave a comment on how the "social" services have help you? Did you land a job? Find love on online? Expand your knowledge base? Fill in the blank.

So until next time, may you web stay social without getting the bugs.


I feel old, Class Reunion Hangover

This past weekend I helped organize our 20 year class reunion. Now that all is said and done, it was a great time. If you are attending a reunion go thank your organizers, it's a lot more work than people realize.

Now onto the real story.

As one of the planners, we decided to have a full weekends worth of activities starting with Friday night meet and greet for those already in town. We expected 30 or so folks and ended up with nearly 60. Word of mouth got out and people just started showing up. A great time was had by all. To top it off, we drank like we were 18 and it showed at the Saturday afternoon events.

On Saturday we had a family picnic followed by a tour of the new school. Our high school was torn down a few years ago, which was 20 years too late. As when we were in school the thing was a death trap. The ceiling would fall if you leaned on a wall, the HVAC was worthless as the school was designed with open classrooms that were now walled and the overall look was just sad.

For the actual reunion things went fairly well. Granted we didn't have a DJ and music was iTunes over a speaker system (this is what happens when no one pays early) and it got a little warm in the room, but other than that it was a great time. At least that is what everyone kept telling me.

Drinks flowed, people danced and old friends re-connected.

The one thing I hope everyone got out of it was how short life is. We have already lost three classmates and I'm sure by the 25 or 30 we will have lost more. That is life and we should enjoy the moments we have.

To finish off the evening a good number of us hit the local club called the 8E's bar. This is where the real damage happened. More drinks flowed and by closing they were kicking us out.

By morning many of us were sore from head to toe and as many found out we are not eighteen anymore. It wasn't until Monday that the body recovered even though the mind was fine.

So for those attending reunions in the future, stay safe and be sure to talk to everyone. Drop the clicks from high school.



Blog a little slow

Well I noticed that I have 2 posts in draft mode and missed my weekly roundup segment, so I thought I would fill you in as to my activities.

First, I managed to get sucked in to help plan our 20 year high school class reunion. Since our reunion is this weekend, I have been trying to put the final touch on everything. Note to self, let someone else do the 25 year reunion.

Second, the real paying job has been a bit extreme the last few weeks. Granted, I don't see this getting any lighter in the near future. So we'll see how it plays out. But I do see some times where I can focus on my site

So come next week, I should be able to get back into a groove and start posting again. Especially now that I have a <________> to help me out. I'll have a post about <________> in the next few weeks. I also will finish up on my TV and Redcoat posts.

So until next time, don't let you blog run dry, unlike my yard.