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Dawgs vs Hawgs - What's it going to take

The Dawgs enter the game at home versus the Hawgs with some unknowns still to answer. This is a game that i feel is going to be the difference between the Independence Bowl and a Citrus bowl. Yes, I know it's early, but win or lose, this game will set the table. 

If the Dawgs don't show some improvement in stopping the run and the screen pass, we will be in for a long season. It could be that we just don't have the players to fill the needs of our new 3-4 defense. As I heard earlier today, Bama had issues in the 3-4 until it got Mount Cody in the middle. Now I don't think we need a Mount Cody to make the 3-4 work, but we do need the fundamentals to win.

The Defense left too many tackles on the field against South Carolina and if we see the same thing happen Saturday against the Hawgs, we will be in for a world of hurt. Worse is the fact that the Hawgs will be without their primary RB. So the Dawgs MUST tackle and stop the run on Saturday. 

So lets say the Dawgs step up and stop and tackle. Will the secondary be able to stop Mallett. I'm hoping that when the Dawgs stop the run, that it means our D-Line and LBs are in the backfield. This alone should slow Mallett down. If he does get the ball out, it falls to our secondary. The game against South Carolina didn't really expose anything as we were too missing missing tackles that they didn't have to throw the ball that often. 

So you noticed that I didn't get into any offensive issues. Those I'm hoping have been worked out. It's up to Bobo to open things up. We have great TEs and WRs that can make the catch and get some yards. I know we have been without AJ Green, but one player does not make a team. So here's hoping we can get some points. Because I fear a shootout with Arkansas this year will not end well. So it comes back to the defense. 

What I need to see Saturday


  • Tackles, Tackles and more Tackles
  • The Dawgs need 150 yds from our running backs
  • No Turnovers
  • Limit to 2-3 penalties for the game. (So far this year, not too bad in this area)
  • Keep Mallett off the field. See bullet number 1
  • Spread the ball around. I have faith in Murray to handle this pressure.


I feel if we can do those bullets and finish the drill, the dawgs can come out with a win. If not, I would not want to be on the other side of the ton of posts about a hot seat. 

NOTE : No word on AJ Green's status as of this post, other than the NCAA has heard the appeal.


Georgia-Arkansas First Reaction

The game is over 52-41. Yes, you saw that correctly, we did drop 52 on the board thanks to 5 TDs by Joe Cox. So what did I see.

  • Coach, hell, I can't even call him a coach, Martinez is an idiot and needs to go. How do you scheme, where you leave the TE or WR so open they can eat dinner and still get YAC yards.
  • Joe came to play. I think he kept us going with his "tired" arm.
  • We are going to lead the country in penalties.
  • We still forget that we have running backs and tight ends.
  • Why do we stick a 5-10 guy on a 6-3 guy all night. Oh yea, Ole Willie.
  • Blair Walsh can kick. Hey Coach Fab, let him kick it deep. We can't keep letting teams start on the 40.
  • We can't string together a game where all sides play well.
  • AJ is superman. AJ is a beast. Glad we have him for one more year at least.
  • We found someone to play opposite AJ. Say hello to Mike Moore.
  • Have to stop the turnovers.
  • Good legs run in the Butler family. Damn Drew can kick the hell out of the ball. Note to Drew, don't listen to Coach Fab, he'll have you kicking it out of bounds at the 40.
  • We still don't put teams away.
  • We have to cut down on turnovers, period

If every game is like this one, don't think I'll make it all year.



The day before a Georgia Win

We approach another Saturday with questions and concerns about our beloved Georgia Bulldogs. I seriously hope that we'll be able to start discussing how badly the beatdown will be and not a list of what if's. But we have not reached that point as of yet. So what needs to happen.


  • We need a gameplan that allows us to use our wide open tightend.

  • We have to get our highlight reel (AJ for the non-followers) clean passes so he can gain some YAC's. Granted if the ball is close he'll make our QB look like a Heisman finalist.

  • Give the rock to Samuel 20 to 22 times. Coach Bobo, let's not leave him on the bench for two quarters.

  • Quality carries by King and Thomas.

  • Joe has to manage the game. Including not losing the game.

  • Have to find a play or three for Logan. Have to keep everyone guessing.

  • Stick to a gameplan. So far through two games, we seem to forget what got us going.


  • Pressure, Pressure and more Pressure. Keep the tree contained to the point he is rushing his passes.

  • Keep the TE locked up. Contain. Otherwise he will have a career game between the line and LB's.

  • Don't allow the easy screen pass for 7yards.

  • Use control. This will hopefully help on the flag issues we continue to have.

  • Don't go prevent on a lead.

Special Teams

  • Kick it long. I'll take my chances on a return from 3 yards deep.

  • Coverage. We have to hold them to minimal returns on both punts and kickoffs.

  • Stay calm, as we don't need anymore snaps over the kicker's head.

The Coaches

  • Don't forget who's on the bench. So far this has become an issue. Play to win.

  • Don't get out coached by a guy that can barely make up his mind as to who he works for.

  • Don't let us relax when we get ahead. Go for the kill shot.

The Team

  • Gauge your play based on the refs. They may be flag happy.

  • Watch the bone head penalties.

  • Stretch and hydrate. Getting tired of the I.V. count during games.

Now it's up the the team and coaches to throw the pig in the BBQ and come Saturday, we'll see if we an answer a few more questions. Hopefully without creating more.

Go Dawgs and stay safe.


Dawg days after a win?

Well that was an ugly game or was it.

I know a win is a win, but what did we learn.

  • Apparently Coach Fabris will let the kickers go deep, who knew. Many speculate Coach Fab read Bernie's blog on the subject.

  • It seems that Coach Martinez needs to work on stopping the screen pass, with some work towards the option as well. Granted those have always given us issues.

  • As a result of some great special teams play, thinking return teams, we ended up with some great gameplans. Even if Coach Bobo tried to screw that up. See we would get a great return (over 35 per with a 100 yarder for a TD) then mix pass and run with Samual and crew. Sadly Bobo would forget this at times and we would stall out.

  • We still can't put people away as I posted earlier. Granted no one thought this game would get past 20 points much less 40.

  • Is Joe Cox still the man? Debate shall continue. And where was Logan at? Either he is not ready or they forgot about him. I'm hoping for one series with him just to see. Otherwise we may have to see what Aaron has, but not sure I want to lose a year of his playing time at this point unless he becomes the starter.

  • Still too many mistakes. Most are mental. A high snap that ended in a safety, jumping offsides or personal fouls. Although I think our rep as a hard hitting and rough team is playing against us on the personal fouls. Because this is tackle football.

  • We also learned Twitter is a great place to hang out if you can't make it to the game. Thanks to the Dawg Circle, it made having a heart attack at the end of the game worth it. Not a real one, but even Rex had to pop some blood pressure meds.

  • Injuries and conditioning still play a role. A role that continues to hamper our team. We had more cramping and I.V.'s again last night and may have lost Battle to a knee. Prayers go out to him.

  • Our defense seems to be up to the task. For most of the game they held their own and came up BIG at the end to save the game.

  • Where was this offense against the Cowboys? Hell they got beat by Houston on Saturday. So does this mean that SC is just bad? Did we find our offense? Guess we'll find out soon enough against Arkansas.

I hope we continue to improve and continue to win, but we still have some items to address.

So until next time, may the Dawgs stay injury free and win.