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Apple TV, Everyone is missing the Caps

On Wednesday, Apple released several new versions of iPods and an update iTunes, but what most are talking about is the updated Apple TV. So what do I think about this little device.

  • Yes this is a cute little device.
  • Yes I did order one for $99.
  • Yes it covers some aspects I'd TV viewing. 
  • It has an A4 processor. The same has the iPhone4. 
  • It will be a great streaming movie option.


  • It lacks the ability to replace TV viewing unless you want to rent every show for $.99. That's assuming the show is available.
  • It lacks a storage option, so streaming only. 
  • Until a hack is out, it's limited in the streaming options. 
  • It lacks a good remote. 
  • It doesn't run iOS. So no apps other than what Apple give you. 
  • No live streaming. This means no sports, concerts and the like Live.

But why buy it.

  • I see it running iOS within a year. I can't see Apple missing this boat.
  • This will become more than a "hobby" to Apple.

The gotchas

There goes your ISP cap. I have a 250GB cap with Comcast and I use around 160-180GB a month between work, netflix streaming, live podcasts and normal surfing. So unless the ISPs develop an app that allows you to watch your channels live and by using that app, it doesn't count against your cap, we could all be in for a world of hurt as we all would start to run over these caps. 

But I do see the Time Warners, Comcasts and the like having an app and even selling it or charging per month to use it. This is the way things are going. It will all be just about the data. The same way Cell Phones are going to be about the data and not the minutes. 

So once I get my little black box in, I'll let you know what I think after using it for a while.


Dawgs win, Yawn 55-7

Well we had the outcome we were all expecting. We all felt this would be a blowout and it was. But did we see what we wanted. I thought the Cajuns would get a few more points, but I'm glad I was wrong. 

Yes Yes and Yes.

Aaron Murray played better than I thought in his first game. Throwing for three scores and running in another with only a single pick, that wasn't really his fault. He threw for 160 and added another 42 on the ground. Not a bad start young man. Hudson Mason also got into the game (bye bye redshirt) and went into the record books as one of only 8 to have a touchdown on their first pass attempt in Div-1A. If and this is a big IF, If Mason plays against SC and has some good numbers and game management, look for the DawgVenter out there to start a QB controversy. It was also great to see Kris Durham come back after missing 700+ days between plays after a few injuries. He will be a great option at 6-5 when the 6-4 Green is doubled up. 

Our Defense looked great and the fire in Coach Todd Grantham was something that has been sorely missed on the Georgia Sidelines. This is looking like a great hire for the Dawgs. The way the defense played today with 3 picks and one for a touchdown, We also netted 3 official sacks. I would have loved the sack number to be higher, but having 3 picks will offset any issues I have currently with our rush. And with the one totally blown coverage, our D looked like a D we can all love. And on the one blown play, CTG blew up and blew up hard. Man I'm going to love watching him if this keeps up. Note to the Networks, DON'T mic up CTG else all we will hear is bleep, bleep, bleep. 

Another improvement, minus the first coverage of the game was kick off coverage. No more in the corner crap, or I didn't see any. I also didn't see a lot of return yards on Punts (0) and Kick Returns (16 yds AVG). So this is also a good sign. Maybe some of the VT special teams is rubbing off on the dawgs. 

So what do we know now with a week before a true test against South Carolina. 

  • Our Defense looks like something that can cause problems for other teams going forward.
  • Our RFr QB Aaron Murray, makes some good reads, although he needs to learn to dump it and when to slide. Linebackers and the Secondary in the SEC will eat him up and knock him out. This is what I heard on the radio and from CMR after the game. We'll she if this improves next week.
  • With AJ Green out (Thanks NCAA for sitting on your ass on this one), we know we have a nice group of wideouts. We spread it around to 10 guys today. 
  • Our kickers Butler and Walsh are where they were last year, at the top of the crop. I'm going to miss them when they leave. 

So Dawg Fans, take this win and have a good time, but remember this was a preseason game. This was a get the nerves taken care of game. Next week is when it starts for real. But I like the sound of 1-0 over the other option. 



Gameday vs ULL, expectations

Whenever a new season starts, we has the Bulldog Nation have a great outlook of things to come and with that comes some expectations. So what do I want to see today.

I want to see a QB that manages the game with confidence. With Aaron Murray only a red shirt freshman, we are naturally drawing into comparisons to David Greene. At this point that is unfair to Aaron. So I will be okay with a pick as long as it's a mistake and not trying to force things.

Next, I want to see a swarming and aggressive defense. I would like to see the ULL QB running for his life out there.

While on defense, I want at least 3 picks from our secondary. I would also like to see them up on the wideouts. I'm tired of seeing them give the wideouts 10 yards cushion.

I want to see a game with no injuries, especially on the O-line. This is the place where we always lose someone or more.

So I expect us to win by 20 with a score of 40-20.

Goooooo Dawgs, GATA


Georgia Will Go .....

The season is upon us and we have many questions that will begin to be answered.

The Questions


  • How will Aaron Murray play? I think as long as he plays not to be a hero, then we should be fine.
  • Who comes in off the bench a the second QB? TBD
  •  How will the defense adjust to the 3-4? Time will tell and come South Carolina, we'll know how the season will play out. 
  • Will Coach Grantham make adjustments on the fly for the defense and change the ways of our past defenses? We haven't seen that in a while, so again, South Carolina will be the test.


The Answers

  • Well, I don't have any, yet. That's why they play the season.


Do I expect to win them all, no. As a homer, I would want to say yes, but I just can't do that. I see this years team with 3 or 4 losses. These will be the same teams that have given us trouble in years past. I also see one that we don't expect.

The Losses

  • South Carolina - this will be the typical close game. The turning point for the Dawgs in the loss will be a critical turnover late in the 4th quarter. 
  • Florida - I just don't think we have overcome the mental aspect of beating them yet. We need to play them close. I see 2011 has the turnaround in this series. 
  • Auburn - I know the road team plays well and wins, but I think Auburn has the edge this year.


Now those are the three teams I see as trouble. I may be wrong in the teams, but not the number of losses. The one game that I'm thinking could be a 4th loss will be Kentucky. Kentucky is one if those teams that can give the Dawgs a fight. Also the Mississippi State game looks to be a tough one as well.

The more I look at the schedule, the more I worry about the outcome of the season. Do I think we can get back to the 10 win average that Coach Richt has, maybe. But I always go back to the historical average of the Dawgs. We win about 8-9 games a year. I work out my predictions from that with a little bending towards the average of the coach. So a 9 win season this year would be about right. 

So Dawgs, go out and GATA their asses and prove my 9-3 wrong. 

Go Dawgs


When Good Kids are Stupid


There are times when we were all young and stupid. We remember what it was like to think it was a good idea to egg a house or set your arm on fire with Golden Grain. Well today's kids are no different, even if they are stars Between the Hedges.

I read a study once that said that we are in our mid-20's before the true understanding of actions as it relates to the outcome. If I find that study I'll post it, so far no luck. This would explain a lot as far as why college kids are so stupid. I'm not saying it's an excuse, but knowing this, adults can build in some rules.

I know for me, I'm ready to ban all football players from touching a car unless they are driving home. Even then a mandatory check is made to see if they are even legal to be behind the wheel.

I know you can only teach to a point and sometimes the student has to fend for themselves. Sadly today, we had yet another player get into trouble because of driving. Now this only made news because if the name, but I'm sure this happens across campus more than once a year. Luckily, he wasn't drinking. This also means he should have known better.

Another observation is the UGAA knew about the suspended license. At that point, his ass should have been dragged to court. Period. Sometimes we as adults have to do the right thing for the kids. Hell be damned if that violates a damn NCAA rule. Now this doesn't address why he ran, unless he was worried about that warrant for the suspended license.

So what does the Athletic Department and University do know. Maybe they need a system wide check and turn in the kids that fail to pay fines and the like. I don't want a police state, but this has to be controlled.

If it were just happening once a year to a member if the team, you write that off as bad judgement. But this is not new. This is a frequent issue and Coach Richt needs to drop the hammer and drop it hard. If not, he will begin to have the rumors if not controlling his team rise up. Remember that was Donnan's failure. Granted Donnan's teams action were worse and we know what happened to win, even with a good record.

Now I'm not saying Donnan was run fir that alone, but it does bring up the question, could this happen to Mark Richt as well.



End of an Era on the Sidelines

Via ABH OnlineToday we got word that Loran Smith will no longer be on the sidelines during the Dawgs games this season. He will continue to be on the pre-game show and his replacement is Chuck Dowdle, formerly of WSB-TV. Some will continue to read this post and think it's a "Hater" post, please don't take it that way. I just tend to write what others have thought but are too scared to say for fear of the Bulldawg Nation.

Now, many will see this as a sad day, and it is, in Georgia sports, but I see this as a welcome change. Over the years Loran has been a great supporter of the dawgs and the local community. But time and illnesses over the years has taken it's toll. Ideally he would have stepped down when Munson called it a career. They were a pair and needed to step down together.

As for how Chuck will do, that's to be determined, and we should have seen this coming, but I don't think he would have been my choice. Although, I'm not sure whom I have would have chosen. Keep in mind a lot of the decision making is out of Georgia's hands these days, especially since they signed on with ISP broadcasting. I'm sure Georgia has some say in it, but it's all about the money these days.

Also, I know that over the last few years Loran has not been in the best shape. I can remember him getting hit by players coming out of bounds, him crossing the media line and pissing some of the coaches off during the Donnan years, and lately his rambles have gotten a lot worse. Many times I was left just saying, what the hell is he talking about.

Now, I do enjoy his pregame talks with former players and persons that are important to the University. I believe this is where he will now shine and I will continue to tune in for those segments. I also enjoy his columns in the various papers around the region. So fear not, he has not left totally, but sometimes there needs to be a change.

Loran is a Damn Good Dawg and has endured a few setbacks in his life including  a car crash in France. On a positive note he was instrumental in the Cancer Center as part of the ARMC complex that shares his name and the many, many stories, from baseball to golf to football and life that he shared with readers and listeners

So wish Loran the best going forward as he is a Damn Good Dawg.


This is my life in meetings

I'm sure many can relate.