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Pandora rules the roost

After trying more apps than I care to admit to, granted most were of the free variety, Pandora has found a special place on my iPhone. There are a few things that would actually make this a better app, but at this time those changes are out of the hands of the developers. But if the time comes, this is what I would like to see in this app: 1. Ability run run the app while running other apps. (please open this up Apple) And 2. View friends lists. Since the last update (1.1) to the iPhone app, it now allows you continue where you left off. This is the best option until Apple opens up the ability to have apps running in the background. So as of this writing, I'm considering moving Pandora into the home dock on my phone.


Did I miss the election

With all the news about Barack Obama aka the second coming, I'm begining to think that I missed the election. I also think Obama missed the memo that said he has not been elected yet. He's traveling around like the President does after he's elected. And the reaction to him in Europe is classic. Of course they they love him. His goal is to tax the American citizen to the point where we are so weak, that the EU takes over as the leading word on world politics. I just wish we could vote "none of the above" and start over. None of the options are worth a damn, but at this point I would rather have McCain in office thank Obama. I'm sure I'll have more rants coming as the election draws near.


Another day on the social world

Well another day in the social network world and more experiences. Let's get the bad out of the way first. Twitter decided to have a slight malfunction and remove followers and those you were following. They didn't wipe your entire group but a good number. They are working on the issue and I now seem to have my groupings back. Yea Was that really bad news. Dunno. Another thing that I have found rather informative and fun is friendfeed. Here you can find the feeds of persons all grouped in one place. Now if I only had people subscribed to my friendfeed. Maybe tomorrow. I did come across an interesting trend in facebook. It appears that people I know seem to all find me or me find them in groups. I can go weeks and not find or add anyone as a friend, then boom I have five or six in a row. While I'm talking about facebook, the new design is much better. For a while there I was starting to think facebook was nothing but a gaming site. With this new design, it brings a look of being more professional without having that Linkedin look. Well until the next time.


iPhone blogging

Now that I have had my phone for a little of a week, I decided to see how much I can really type out on this keypad. It's actually surprising how fast you can type on this keypad. Some things that I have found that really help. 1. Know how to type before moving to this keyboard. Not so much from being a touch typist as just knowing where the keys are. Because unless you have stylist fingers, there is no way you are getting all ten digits on this thing. 2. Trust the predictive typing help. 3. Practice practice practice. This little blog only took about 4 minutes to pump out on the iPhone.


iPhone backups and other items

Ok Apple really needs to address the backup time in iTunes. This last time it ran for almost two hours. It's not like I have a lot of apps installed. Other that the backup times, I'm loving this new phone, granted I haven't made that many calls on this. So far we are tearing through our SMS messages, good thing it's unlimited. Also loving the apps and so far most are games, but have explored several other apps. 1. Twitter apps 2. Blog apps like the new WordPress. More too come.


First post from iPhone

This is the first post using the workpress iPhone app. We'll see how it goes. Going to include a pic from the deck in the back yard.


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