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Recap - Countdown to Kickoff 2010

Brandon Boykin and MeWell the Countdown to Kickoff has come and gone. This only means that we are that much closer to kickoff this fall. Players will soon be reporting to camp and the fans will begin to get their tailgate gear in order. 

If you have not made it out to the Countdown before, this is a great chance to meet some players without the huge lines. It also has some activities for the kids. Turns out, my kids and it appears Bernie's Kids liked the rides and the games. The Cheerleaders, the Redcoats and Hairy Dawg all stopped by. 

The Event was hosted by David Greene and the Stinchcomb brothers (Matt and Jon). I did get to see Jon's ring from the Super Bowl, I'll add a few more pics to the Flickr Page when I get them uploaded. 

Thanks to Bulldawg Illustrated for the hook-up. If you have not stopped by their site or picked up the magazine, do so. It's a good read.

So here are a few of the sites and sounds from Fan Day 2010. Enjoy. 






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