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NCAA Expansion Madness

With all the talk about NCAA conferences expanding, I thought I better chime in with some reason. Everyone is talking about mega-conferences with 16 teams, but what some fail to see is that this could be a good thing. Now hear me out before you shoot me down on this. 

I see in the end, lets say 2020, that there will be 120 teams in 8 conferences. This breaks down to 15 teams per. So with a little help, what you end up with is 4 with 16 and 4 with 14. 

Do you see where I'm going with this. 

You have 8 teams that would play for the National Championship. With eight teams, you have the perfect mix of weekends to end right at New Years. You can seed the teams 1 - 8, based on win-loss, schedule, etc. 

Now you ask, what happens to those out of conference rivals, thinking you would be stuck in nothing but conference play. Well you can use the current system of 8 teams in conference and 4 out. This would also help calculate conference winning percentage. This is just another factor in setting the seeds. 

I understand that you won't play everyone in your conference, we don't do that now. But you can play everyone in your division within a conference, with games left for out of conference play. With the ones that have 14 teams, you would rotate the 8th team through the other division. 

See it's all pretty simple up to this point. 

Now how to do decide who is in what conference. First it should be based on location, then strength of the teams. Not really right to have a Georgia paired with 7 other FIU teams. Nor would it be fair to have a division with Texas, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Auburn, LSU, FIU and Troy. So we would have to spread that out a bit. I know teams come and go, but I think we could come up with something. I'm working on that now and if I come up with something good I'll post it. 

Now do the Presidents and TV go for this, why not. Lots of dollar signs all around this. You can still use the bowls for those not in the Championship Series. Tell me, who would not watch a line up of Texas, USC, Georgia, Alabama, Ohio State, Penn State, Missouri and Oregon. I think that would be some good TV. This would also eliminate the smaller schools saying they don't have a shot. Just win your games and you are in. 

This Friday might just be the first piece, but I think there are more pieces to be had and in the end, I'm betting my scenario plays out to being closer to the truth than some of what I have seen. 

The other thing to think about is the NCAA is more than football. It has basketball, hockey, tennis, golf and many more. There are also the schools that are Division I, but do not have football. They can be added in as true mid-majors. They would have their own conferences and unlike football, already have a playoff style system to work through. 

I know this is a very simple take on a more complex issue, but sometimes simple is better.

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