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Pope a Deacon

Normally when you hear of an assistant coach or team personnel leaving a program, it's normally not for the good. It's usually because of a bad season and the head coach has to make a change or he'll be gone. Well this time, it's because of the right things. At least that is how I see it. 

Word has it, Mark Pope is moving up to Wake Forest to become an assistant coach. Coach Pope, left medical school at Columbia to come work with Coach Fox and because of NCAA rules on the number of coaches, he became the Operations Coordinator, but he got to work with Coach Fox and learn how it's done from the bench. 

This is a good thing in the overall scope of things. It goes to show that Coach Fox is doing it right and that other have confidence in hiring persons that worked with him. You can see how much our team learned from Coach within the NCAA guidelines, so imagine how much each of the coaches improved during this time. 

I want to wish Mark Pope the best of luck and if the Dawgs ever play the Deacons, I don't wish him any luck. Well some luck, just not enough to beat us. 

Now the other coaches and schools, STAY AWAY. But I wish all of our coaches the best when they leave under their terms. 

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