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To iPad or not to iPad

iPad via AppleThere have many views on how and what the iPad is. (Really, iPad, Iliked iSlate or iBook or even iTablet better.) Most of the discussionsat this point are driven by the select few that got some hands in timewith the device at the Apple announcement.

So until the iPad is in the wild, we'll all have to just wait and see.

For me, it's a tough call. I do like the book reader aspect of thedevice. I have been thinking about a Kindle. Downside was it ONLY didbooks and some newspapers. The iPad does that and more.

Also, like the iPhone, the second gen will be much better. I swearApple tends to hold back features, knowing the hardcore will buy eachand every version. I held off on first gen iPhone and most likely willdo the same for the iPad.

What I don't know yet. iPhoto and the other iLife products. Imaginethose with multi-touch.

Speaking of multi, why no multitasking. It drives me crazy on myiPhone. I KNOW it would drive me nuts on the iPad.

So now the wait is on and I'm sure speculation will run amok aseveryone says how bad it is or how it's the next greatest thing sincesliced bread.

So read up, see if it meets your needs. For me I "think" I'll bewaiting.

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