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Do you Curl?

Each time the Winter Olympics come around, I look for a few select events. The one at the top of my list is curling. The first year I watched, I was like most, thinking, this is a sport? But now I find myself watching each event, even if the US is not playing. For me, it’s like Team Handball in the Summer Games. The under appreciated game.

Well if you give it a chance, you may find that you are drawn into it. Its a game of stamina, strategy and a little luck. This is also the sport where in an interview leading up to the games, a former Olympian said curling athletes were the most likely to eat pizza and drink beer (looking for the article). So give it a chance.

BTW in the prelims in Vancouver the US lost to Germany 7-5. The US team plays again tonight.

Vancouver Curling Schedule -

Curling Twitter coverage -

Let me know what you think about curling and what other Winter Olympic sports should I watch. I’m not talking about the “Primetime” sports. I want the unique ones, like Nordic Combined (yes I watched it, very exciting finish).

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