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Georgia-Arkansas First Reaction

The game is over 52-41. Yes, you saw that correctly, we did drop 52 on the board thanks to 5 TDs by Joe Cox. So what did I see.

  • Coach, hell, I can't even call him a coach, Martinez is an idiot and needs to go. How do you scheme, where you leave the TE or WR so open they can eat dinner and still get YAC yards.
  • Joe came to play. I think he kept us going with his "tired" arm.
  • We are going to lead the country in penalties.
  • We still forget that we have running backs and tight ends.
  • Why do we stick a 5-10 guy on a 6-3 guy all night. Oh yea, Ole Willie.
  • Blair Walsh can kick. Hey Coach Fab, let him kick it deep. We can't keep letting teams start on the 40.
  • We can't string together a game where all sides play well.
  • AJ is superman. AJ is a beast. Glad we have him for one more year at least.
  • We found someone to play opposite AJ. Say hello to Mike Moore.
  • Have to stop the turnovers.
  • Good legs run in the Butler family. Damn Drew can kick the hell out of the ball. Note to Drew, don't listen to Coach Fab, he'll have you kicking it out of bounds at the 40.
  • We still don't put teams away.
  • We have to cut down on turnovers, period

If every game is like this one, don't think I'll make it all year.


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