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I feel old, Class Reunion Hangover

This past weekend I helped organize our 20 year class reunion. Now that all is said and done, it was a great time. If you are attending a reunion go thank your organizers, it's a lot more work than people realize.

Now onto the real story.

As one of the planners, we decided to have a full weekends worth of activities starting with Friday night meet and greet for those already in town. We expected 30 or so folks and ended up with nearly 60. Word of mouth got out and people just started showing up. A great time was had by all. To top it off, we drank like we were 18 and it showed at the Saturday afternoon events.

On Saturday we had a family picnic followed by a tour of the new school. Our high school was torn down a few years ago, which was 20 years too late. As when we were in school the thing was a death trap. The ceiling would fall if you leaned on a wall, the HVAC was worthless as the school was designed with open classrooms that were now walled and the overall look was just sad.

For the actual reunion things went fairly well. Granted we didn't have a DJ and music was iTunes over a speaker system (this is what happens when no one pays early) and it got a little warm in the room, but other than that it was a great time. At least that is what everyone kept telling me.

Drinks flowed, people danced and old friends re-connected.

The one thing I hope everyone got out of it was how short life is. We have already lost three classmates and I'm sure by the 25 or 30 we will have lost more. That is life and we should enjoy the moments we have.

To finish off the evening a good number of us hit the local club called the 8E's bar. This is where the real damage happened. More drinks flowed and by closing they were kicking us out.

By morning many of us were sore from head to toe and as many found out we are not eighteen anymore. It wasn't until Monday that the body recovered even though the mind was fine.

So for those attending reunions in the future, stay safe and be sure to talk to everyone. Drop the clicks from high school.


Reader Comments (2)

Nice job with the reunion, thanks for all your work. we had a great time, at least the parts that i remember. For some reason after the first round of shots it is all a blur...

July 31, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterPancho

@Pancho, Yea those shots kind of set things up for the rest of the night. Cheers

August 1, 2009 | Registered CommenterAlan Ashley

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