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Weekly Roundup #2

Well in this weeks addition, I'm going to stroll through the world of tech and sports, with a little Presidential snooping tossed in for humor. You'll also notice, I'm not going to cover the Steve McNair or 4th of July stories, but if you want to read them, just click on the links. 

Topics this week

Michael Jackson Again

Google tries to take over Again

Georgia Football, Hurt Again

The Prez take a Peek.


Michael Jackson

The drama surrounding his death continues to make headlines in both traditional media and the web media, as new information continues to surface in regards to his life and his death. We are now learning how he was in all basic terms a junkie. No other definition properly defines the news that is coming out. Reports from the raid of the Neverland Ranch, as part of the child molestation case, show that he had a range of drugs, some in his name and more in the names of employees and friends. This in and of itself shows that he had a serious issue.

This was also the week of the public memorial in LA. As many expected, the numbers of viewers was off the charts. It was on par with Presidential Inaugurations, which just shows the sad state of affairs in America. But that's enough about him. Others can continue to talk and worship him, but it won't be here.


Google Expands Again

News this week has Google releasing information on their future plans in the OS space (Chrome OS). This will be their entry into the OS world, although it has been widely speculated about for years. Granted they already had the Android OS for mobile devices and some have even managed to port it over to a few net books. They say that Chrome OS is built for those that spend their days on the web (Cloud Computing). Many have already touched on where this is going and who it is going after (ie Microsoft). But that's not what we do here, so here we go:

As we move forward in technology, you hear a great deal of talk about cloud computing and being able to access everything from anywhere. This is fine, if you have access to WiFi, have a card from a wireless provider(and actually have bars) or have some other form of access to the internet. Today, that is not the case. We are limited in many areas, rural to be one, so this cloud computing is still a ways off. Can I see this being a viable choice down the road, yes. Can I see the need for local access, yes. So 5-10 years from now, I can see a nice mix, where you have cloud information, but it is also sync'd to your local access. So the Google Chrome OS, may just be that first step (or at least the well known first step) into a world of true cloud computing.

Cloud computing you say, hogwash. Lets look at the basics from a Google perspective. You have gMail (web based), gDocs (web based), Picasa (web based) to name a few and right there you have some serious functions. With each of those, you can have "offline" copies right on your laptop. Granted there needs to be more, but time will provide that. Currently, I see the major drawbacks to Cloud Computing and the use of Chrome OS being two fold. One, speed. If I can not access MY information rapidly, then it doesn't work. Second, Coverage. Right now, at my house, I'm limited to Cable Internet and very little 3G cell service. That just does not cut it. I need to be able to sit at home, hop in the car, sit at a cafe and still be able to access my information in a timely manner. 

So the future is bright and I look forward to seeing where this goes.


Georgia Hurt Again

You know football season is just around the corner when you start to see the injury reports come in. It seems that for Georgia, we are particularly unlucky in this area. Each year, we get the reports of lineman on both sides of the ball coming down with season ending or near season ending injuries. This time we have Tanner Strickland (OL) out with a shoulder injury. This one will cause him to miss the entire 2009 season. 

This is not a new trend in Georgia Football. After seasons end, we hear about how stocked our lines are and by the time fall practice rolls around, we are down 2 or 3 or more lineman from injuries. It just seems we can never catch a break in this department. It would be worse, if this started spreading to other areas of the field, because now we can at least score and cover to mask our depth issues. 

One of my Twitter buds (@allyugadawg) put it best concerning UGA and the injury bug and I can see this being an issue down the road:

As the season grows near, I'll add more Georgia info into the Weekly Roundup.

On a side note, Basketball Donation forms came out this week. Some slight price increases for the perks. This family will have to think about that.


Prez takes a Peek

This is one that I could not pass up. While at the G8 Summit, the President was caught checking out the rear of the Brazilian Junior 8 representative. I'll let the picture speak for itself. 


So until next week. May our Dawgs stay healthy and jail free. 

Reader Comments (1)

I like the look of the Brazilian dignitary beside da Prez too. Classic!

July 11, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBernie

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