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How do I go about telling you about me. There are so many ways and methods to go about this. Some may know me on a personal level, others from the various social networks and finally those that just happen upon this site. And if you try to google me, Alan Ashley, you might stumble upon me. 

So this is who I am.

I'm a Father and Husband, with twin girls. That in and of itself should be enough. But in the real world there are many other aspects to life. Instead of detailing each and every topic, I'll just make it easy on you and list them.


  • Huge Georgia Bulldog fan (Alumnus) and sport
  • Was once a big fan of NASCAR, now if I happen by it, I'll watch. Thanks to the TV contracts, they have made it unwatchable.
  • I can do without most pro sports, although I do enjoy the NFL.


  • Currently working for Big Blue (I think you can figure that one out.)

There is more to me than the above, so this will be a gradually expanding page.

 You can find this same information, give to take, on my Google Profile

 NOTE : All views expressed on this site are mine and mine alone. They in no way reflect the views of my employer or the views of others.